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article imageThe Joliet murders: Teens had sex on top of corpses of victims

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 27, 2013 in Crime
Joliet - Alisa Massaro, 18, allegedly has a necrophilia fetish, according to her boyfriend Joshua Miner, 24. She allegedly agreed to have "three-way sex" on the corpses of two men she, Miner and two other friends lured into her home and strangled to death.
Joliet Patch's reconstruction of the story from police accounts says the bodies of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22, were found lying face down inside Massaro's house in Joliet’s Hickory Street near west side on Thursday, Jan. 10, in the afternoon.
The Daily Mail reports that Joshua Miner, 24; Adam Landerman, 19; Alisa Massaro and Bethanay McKee, both 18, were involved in the deaths of Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins.
Joliet Patch reports that according to police reconstruction of the events, after the men were killed, McKee left Massaro’s house at least twice. On the first occasion she took her year-old child to a babysitter. When she was going out she claims she saw Miner arranging the scene for a "three-way sex" on top of the corpses.
Joshua Miner, 24, reportedly put the bodies of the victims, Rankins and Glover, together and placed a beige sheet across them, the Daily Mail reports.
Police report: "McKee related that during the night that Josh wanted to put the bodies together, which they did, side by side and they put something over the bodies, which was beige in color and they were going to have sex on top of the bodies... McKee relates that she did not stick around for that ..."
According to the Daily Mail, Miner told officers that he recalled that "years back" Massaro told him she "wanted to have sex with a dead guy." So he set out to help his girlfriend fulfill her sexual fantasies.
Miner and her girlfriend Massaro, reportedly had sex on top of the corpses at Massaro's home in Hickory Street, Joliet, Illinois.
Report: "McKee did relate that she thought Adam and Alisa had sex because they were talking about having a three-way on top of the bodies that were laying on the floor... McKee relates that Alisa agreed with having sex on the bodies because she just wanted to go along with Josh and that they had been together a long time."
Police suspect that Adam Landerman, 19, son of a police sergeant, may also have joined in the bizarre orgy in Massaro's home, according to the Daily Mail.
According to Joliet Patch, Massaro "made a smirk on her face" (grinned and declined coyly) when her boyfriend asked her to join him on top of the corpses for sex. She admitted to the police that she latter agreed.
The fourth suspect McKee, 18, told the police that Miner was the ringleader. According to McKee, the idea to kill Glover and Rankins was Miner's. She told the police that Landerman was a "follower" who only did as he was told.
Report: "McKee related during the whole interview that Josh was the one responsible for most of these actions and Adam had just followed along and had only known Josh for this past week but was more of the (follower) in this and Josh was more of the leader."
Alisa Massaro  18
Alisa Massaro, 18
Will County Sheriff's Department
It was Bethany McKee who lured the victims to Massaro's house with promises of sex and video games. According to the police, McKee was acquainted with the first victim Rankins and invited him. He came with Glover, whom they assumed was a cousin.
Miner later admitted to the police that they believed the victims were carrying substantial cash and had planned to rob them. They believed that Rankins was a drug dealer.
According to Joliet Patch, Rankins arrived with his friend Eric Glover on McKee's invitation. The two men came because they believed they were going to have sex over the night with the girls as McKee had promised.
Joshua Miner told officers that McKee had given the victims instructions to come with "booze and weed." They arrived at about 10 p.m., played video games, smoked marijuana and drank alcohol.
Joshua Miner  24
Joshua Miner, 24
Will County Sheriff's Department
According to Miner, he and his girlfriend Massaro were on the floor while McKee was "fooling" with Rankins on the bed. At a point McKee told Rankins to stop but Rankins pulled down McKee's pants. When McKee protested, Miner got up and said:"You f------ n-----, get off her."
The police report said: "Miner then punched him in the side of the head."
A fight followed which ended with Miner choking Rankins and Landerman choking Glover. Miner reportedly told police Landerman jumped on the backs of the dead men.
Adam Landerman  19
Adam Landerman, 19
Will County Sheriff's Department
According to the police, after the victims were strangled they were hog-tied. Miner gave the police additional details of information about what happened, such as the dying victims made "zombie noises" (final gasping sounds) and evacuated bowels involuntarily.
According to the police report: "Miner described Landerman’s actions as surfing on the bodies." Miner also described how the bodies "released a gasp of air, and possibly feces as well, as he stated it smelled."
Joliet Patch reports that police reconstruction of events from the independent accounts of the teens indicated that the girls left the house before the violence started. When they returned, they were afraid the bodies "would reach out and grab them."
The boys then hog-tied the corpses, according to Landerman, one with cloth material and the other with an electrical extension cord.
Landerman reportedly told the police he helped Miner “hog tie” one of the dead men with dirty laundry in case he came to. But he said he "heard a gasp or 'zombie noise' from the victim and then didn't hear anything else from the victim. He realized then the man had been killed."
Shocked Police Chief Mike Trafton, said: "This is one of the most brutal, heinous and upsetting things I've ever seen in my 27 years of law enforcement. Not only the crime scene, but the disregard for common decency toward human beings."
Nicole Jones, Glover's mother, said: "It's just senseless. It's hard for me to say the words."
Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins  22
Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, 22
Rankins' mother, Jamille Kent, said: "It's demonic. This is evil."
According to Kent, her son and Glover had been friend five years. Family members said they called police on January 10 after the two had been missing for two days. Police soon traced the men to Massaro's house on Hickory Street. They found the bodies in the house with signs that they were strangled. They also found evidence of attempts to dismember the bodies.
Police said Massaro, Landerman and Miner were "very much surprised" when officers arrived at the house on Thursday. According to the officers, when they entered through the front door they saw Massaro who told them there were two people in her house: Miner upstairs and Landerman down in the basement. McKee had left the house when the police came.
Joliet Patch reports officers found Miner in a bedroom upstairs. He was "sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette," and according to Gawker, playing a video game. Miner told officers, "I did the guy with the dreadlocks,'" that is, Glover. According to Miner, Landerman killed Rankins. He said the man he killed was "trying to rape one of the girls."
Police noted several conflicts in the statements. A version of the account suggested Miner killed Rankins who was allegedly "trying to rape one of the girls" and not Glover as he later said.
The conflicts in the stories made officers skeptical. Miner, for instance, wasn't even sure who he killed. At first they claimed the killings occurred because one of the men tried to rape one of the girls, but later they confessed they invited the men over to rob them.
The Victims
Glover graduated from Joliet Central High School a honor Joliet Patch reports. He played football and participated in wrestling and track. Rankins' mother described him as "a very outgoing, loving, fun person." He graduated from Joliet West High School.
Massaro's father, Phillip Massaro, could not believe the allegations against his daughter. He said: "All I can say is it's a terrible thing that happened, and I can't believe my daughter had anything to do with it. I don't know what happened. I just don't know what to say. I can't really talk about it. I'm too devastated, and I can't talk about it."
Miner's mother, Melodie Miner, also said: "There's no way my son can do this." However, Miner was previously convicted of burglary.
Police say they are investigating the crimes, but some local reports suggest that drugs may have been involved.
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