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article imageVideo: Ghostly face appears in mirror, scares hair salon patrons

By Greta McClain     Feb 26, 2013 in Internet
Patrons at a hair salon got a bit more than they expected when a ghostly face began appearing in mirrors, prompting screams and even sent some running.
An unnamed hair salon decided it would be fun to play a prank on some of its patrons by placing a woman dressed and made up to appear dead behind several of the mirrors in the salon. According to Laughing Squid, the normal mirrors had been replaced by special two-way mirrors). The ghostly face would appear in the mirror briefly, startling the patron. Many would nearly jump out of their chair and scream, while others, although startled, tried to remain calm and asked employees if they too had seen the "ghost".
To add an extra touch of drama to the situation, Geekologie reports the employees had a scary movie playing on the TV as well.
As a grand finale, the woman makes an appearance in the salon, doing a backwards crawl across the floor, sending patron scrambling in the opposite direction.
According to Mashable, the video appears to be a viral marketing move for The Last Exorcism Part II, which premiers in theaters next month. If the goal is to go viral, it looks like it has succeeded. In one day, the video already has nearly 86,000 views and has been shared 1.2 thousand times.
WARNING: Video contains strong language which some may find offensive.
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