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article imageReddit: Letter from sister to brother in heaven goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 26, 2013 in Lifestyle
A touching letter from a grieving sister to her deceased brother on his birthday has gone viral on Reddit. Your first guess as to why Jenny attached balloons to her letter is right. She trusts God and the angels to deliver her letter to her brother Adam.
Redditoir Rozko posted the letter to Reddit with the introduction: "Found this near my friends house yesterday. Sad yet beautiful."
Jenny's heartbreaking letter begins: "To my dear brother Adam. I am writing you this letter from here on Earth." She tells her brother how much she misses him. She expresses the hope that her brother is being celebrated up there in heaven as he deserves.
The rest of the letter reads:
Jenny s letter to her brother Adam in heaven
Jenny's letter to her brother Adam in heaven
Redditors have expressed their feelings about Jenny's letter with many recalling their personal experiences of loss of a beloved person:
Redditor "lookslikesinbad" said:
I did this exercise with my kids after my Dad died and the paper was too heavy - the whole thing went right into the Hudson river.
Redditor "h20eweup2":
My sister died when I was in 5th grade. My school had a hospice worker come in for my brother, me, and a few other kids who had family members die. We talked about death, our feelings, and then we tied notes to balloons just like this with letters to our loved ones. Years and years later a family friend told me that he found a balloon in his yard with my note on it. He didn't want to tell me when I was that young bc it defeats the moving on process. That being said, I really hope the "sender" of this doesn't come across this photo any time soon.
Redditor "AceSinestra":
My brother passed a month before I turned 15. I really wish my family would have sat down with me so we could talk about it and death, and just life in general. But we didn't. He lived in California with his birth mother, and my older sister and I were the closest to him. I even talked to him a few hours before he passed. So my dad booked flights for himself, my mother, and my older sister- while I sat there being told I couldn't miss the first day of school to go to my own brothers funeral.
Many Redditors agreed that a ritual of some sort is necessary to give children a sense of closure after the death of a sibling.
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