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article imageRon Paul says government is preparing for civil unrest

By Alex Allen     Feb 25, 2013 in Politics
The "Champion of Liberty" himself has admitted that the government is fully aware of the potential for civil unrest in the United States and is even preparing for it.
In an interview on The Alex Jones Show on Monday, February 25, 2013, former Congressman and 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul commented on the "domestic arms race" and the government's obvious preparation for civil unrest by suggesting that "[the government] does not know that in two months from now there's riots in the streets, but they know that there could be." Paul went on to explain that he does not believe the government necessarily believes that civil unrest in America is a certainty but that the elites at all levels of power are making preparations in order to retain their power. He also said "I would expect that the people in charge know that there's trouble ahead and they're laying their plans to react in any way they think necessary."
When asked about the potential for civil war following a gun confiscation attempt, the 12-term Congressman explained that while the government is not necessarily planning to ban guns for the sole purpose of sparking a civil war, it would definitely be a possibility. He believes that the gun control advocates believe in government, as opposed the people, owning guns as a philosophy. "Whether that is exactly what they want it's hard to say," said Congressman Paul "but I know one thing; they don't want the people to have the guns." Paul finally said, with Alex Jones' agreement, that he doesn't believe the American people will willingly give up their guns.
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