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Pet Food Stamps helping to feed pets in need

By Jacki Viles     Feb 26, 2013 in Business
Atlanta - Food stamps usage in the U.S. has been going steadily up since 2008. With so many Americans out of work and in some cases losing their homes, the family pet has become the next heartbreaking sacrifice.
Who could imagine having to make the choice between who eats in the family? Who could imagine the pain of giving up a family pet because there is no longer a means to support their care? There has been a huge increase in the amount of pets given up at shelters merely because their owners could no longer afford to feed them. Sadly, companion dogs to the elderly and disabled are among the counted and that number rises every day.
An organization in New York has created a non profit (status pending) called Pet Food Stamps. Their purpose is to subsidize pet food purchases for low income and needy families nationwide.
In the past two weeks since the site launched it has processed over 45.000 pets. The application process is handled online only and can be accessed here. If you are on public assistance and have a pet in need you probably already qualify. Once the pet owner's income and status is verified, they will receive monthly pet food.
The organization is partnering with Pet Food Direct. While Pet Food Direct has no affiliation with the service program they are the vendor of choice for Pet Food Stamps. Orders will be placed by Pet Food Stamps personnel directly and delivered to the recipient's home.
This organization is funded completely by generous donors and the service is available to everyone who qualifies. Potential donors can visit the site to get information to make a contribution. Meanwhile, plans are being made for funding and they are hoping to expand their offering in the coming year to include veterinary services.
Their Facebook page is announcing heavy traffic on their website. Donors and applicants are urged to keep trying as they deal with their bandwidth issue.
There are many local food banks who have added pet food to their pantries. This organization advocates for pets on a national level.
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