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Ancient continent hides beneath Indian Ocean

By Owen Weldon     Feb 24, 2013 in Science
Underneath the sands of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, lays a secret. Deep beneath the sands lays an ancient continent.
According to NewScientist , Trond Torsvik and his colleagues at the University of Oslo, Norway, took a close look at grains of zircon which was found on Mauritius' beaches, and they measured the balance of lead and uranium isotopes to try to figure out their age. They came to the conclusion that some formed almost 2 billion years ago, even though the island is younger than 65 million years old.
According to GlobalPost, the zircon points to the existence of fragments of an prehistoric continent beneath the island. The fragments were brought to the surface after recent volcanic activity occurred on the island.
According to The Australian, the micro-continent has been dubbed "Mauritia", and fragments of the continent may also lay underneath the Seychelles and Reunion Island.
This discovery helps explain where the Seychelles originated from. The Seychelles are considered a geological peculiarity.
Scientists believe that the Indian Ocean could be filled with fragments from ancient continents.
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