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article imageVideo: 'Fresh Guacamole': Shortest film nominated for an Oscar

By Anne Sewell     Feb 24, 2013 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - With most films which are nominated for the Oscars running for often more than 2.5 hours, "Fresh Guacamole" is a film with a difference at just 100 seconds long. Now the Oscars are done, the article is updated with the actual film.
With a running time of 1 min 40 sec, filmmaker PES, born Adam Pesapane, has made Academy Awards history by creating the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. Prop-maker Craig Currie collaborated in the film.
Using stop-motion animation, the film, "Fresh Guacamole" documents the making of a bowl of guacamole, using everything but food items.
PES told the BBC, "Well its looking at cooking in a different way. Essentially, the idea is to substitute inanimate objects, familiar objects, every day things that have no food connotations in for appetizing ingredients in a traditional recipe."
PES then jokes, "I think maybe it has something to do with, your parents always said don't play with your food ... I don't know, I like to play with my food."
Scene from  Fresh Guacamole  by PES  shortest film to be nominated for an Oscar
Scene from "Fresh Guacamole" by PES, shortest film to be nominated for an Oscar
BBC video screen capture
In the preview of the film on the BBC website, we see a grenade sliced open as an imitation avocado. and a baseball cut into pieces as an onion, and a whole bunch of dice are, quite literally, "sliced and diced."
With a background in advertising, PES believes in "the power of the brief narrative."
"It magnifies your focus on this kind of highly condensed storytelling format where ideas came from, where I can show you something that you hadn't thought about before or perhaps never even imagined," he said.
Unfortunately "Fresh Guacamole" didn't win an Oscar, but at least it had the nomination. The video above has now been replaced with the actual film.
A previous short film made by PES 4 years ago, "Western Spaghetti", can be enjoyed below:
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