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article image'Largest porn collection' in Michigan stolen during burglary

By Greta McClain     Feb 23, 2013 in Crime
Muskegon - On Tuesday, a Michigan man filed a police report claiming "one of the largest porn collections" in the state of Michigan had been stolen.
Earlie Johnson, a forty-three-year-old man from Muskegon, Michigan who is known as the "Hugh Hefner of Muskegon", was returning from work on Tuesday, February 19th. When he and his fiancé, Angela Morton, arrived at the home they noticed that the back door of the residence had been kicked in. They began searching the house and noticed that drawers throughout the home had been ransacked and that thieves had taken three flat screen televisions and the couple's DVD collection. When Morton checked the bedroom, she discovered the adult film collection was also missing. She told KSDK:
"I went in the bedroom and I told him 'oh you really getting ready to be mad.' He said why? I said 'all your porn is gone.'"
Johnson considers the collection to be a "valuable vintage" pornography collection, which included DVD's that ranged from 1970's adult movies all the way to movies of today. Johnson reportedly learned of the value of the collection after having it appraised by CD Exchange in Holland, telling MLive:
“Basically, I had a porn collection that was priceless. It was worth -- to be straight up -- $7,500 dollars.”
A man from Connecticut allegedly told Johnson it was the best collection in Michigan, although he did not explain how the Connecticut man made that determination. When filing the police report, Johnson told officers the collection was allegedly “one of the largest porn collections” in the state.
When describing the collection, Johnson said:
"I had a collection that had every African American that's ever been in porn, from the 70s up until now. I trade and I collect and I look at them too. I ain't got no problem with that. I'm not no scum bag guy, pervert, or nothing like that-- I just thought it was cool to own my own porn collection. It keeps my relationship fresh."
Johnson believes the thieves saw the collection and realized it was worth money, saying people are willing to pay cash for pornography without asking many questions, perhaps out of embarrassment.
Morton defends her fiancé's collection, telling WZZM 13:
"[People] probably think we are freaks or something... no, it's something natural and it's healthy."
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