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article imageRacy Harlem Shake hockey video earns high school team forfeiture

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 19, 2013 in Sports
The hockey season ended abruptly for Nyack-Tappan Zee Friday when the hockey team forfeited its upcoming Section 1 playoff to Lakeland-Panas. No official reason was given, but it is believed the decision followed a racy video the team posted to YouTube.
According to SportsGrid, the Nyack (N.Y.)-Tappan Zee (N.Y.) High boys hockey co-op team was set to play Section I state playoff game against Lakeland (N.Y.)-Panas (N.Y.), but forfeited. SportsGrid reports the school authorities have not confirmed the exact reason for the forfeiture, but it is being widely assumed that the wild locker room dance session was the reason.
According to the Lower Hudson Valley hockey blog (Lohudblog), a senior forward Corey Aronson, tweeted to a friend: "We were forfeited from playoffs for a borderline inappropriate video in the locker room of Harlem shake."
The video went viral late Thursday. Lohudblog comments on the "inappropriate" content of the video: "Several team members are doing the Harlem Shake... and they are wearing very little clothing. Most are in their underwear or compression shorts. All of the Ice Hawks in the video masked their faces. One student athlete danced on a bench wearing only a strategically-placed sock."
Lohudblogs was only being polite when it avoids mentioning "the doggie-style hockey-stick sex" improvisation by two creative members of the team.
Most commenters, however, think a forfeiture was too harsh on the boys. Lohudblogs comments: "They weren't being destructive, but they weren't exactly representing those uniforms that were discarded before somebody turned up the music and screamed, 'Action!'"
SportsGrid supports Lohudblogs, arguing that the punishment was too harsh on the boys: "Forfeiting the game seemed kind of over-compensatory. It’s not like they did anything destructive or harmful towards anybody. High schoolers do a lot worse for themselves on the Internet nowadays anyway... Teenagers do stupid, compulsive things, especially when there are a few cheap laughs involved. But this seemed like a no-harm, no-foul type of situation."
A member of the team, Brian Bermingham, who was involved in the locker room gyrations, said: "I don’t think we deserved to get kicked out of the playoffs."
When CBS asked "What was the thought process" behind the wild jubilation, he said it was just "fun."
Corey Aronson said: "I mean, it was close. It wasn't that bad. I know YouTube wouldn't let it stay up there if it were really bad."
The youngster's father Dr. Craig Aronson, said: "When you look at something like this, it’s a bit shocking.” But he argued that the punishment was excessive. He wrote in a protest letter to the school authorities: "Sexual connotations are part of our culture and are protected by our constitution. The school is looking to educate children on what’s right and wrong and I don’t think making this decision so quickly is really educating them."
Let's hope the kids have learned a lesson; as Bermingham says, “Think twice about putting things on the Internet."
Lohudblogs advises youngsters, as if youngsters have never been wisely advised, to remember the "omnipresent World Wid Web" and understand that the "hormonal snippets" they post online are available to "friends and neighbors, parents, teachers, bloggers" and probably the worst of the lot, journalists.
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