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article imageBen McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy report for duty on 'Southland' Special

By Earl Dittman     Feb 19, 2013 in Entertainment
The two core actors of the gritty hit police drama about patrolling street cops in the City of Angels discuss the new season of 'Southland,' their characters, how they trained with real LAPD officers and why the underdog series has endured.
Southland – much like the LAPD cops the raw and engrossing series depicts – is a survivor. First hitting network airwaves in 2009, after a short thirteen-episode season, it was cancelled by NBC (in the States) right before its second season was about to commence. Beating all the odds, the compelling fictional police drama – produced by John Wells (The West Wing, ER, Shameless) – was wisely resurrected by the TNT cable network (Seasons Two, Three and Four are now available on DVD). Just l;ast week, Southland celebrated its Fifth Season premiere. The fifth season opener, "Hats and Bats" was a ratings hit with viewers and won unanimous critical praise. It appears that the gutsy, in your face Southland is back and looks here to stay.
Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy in a scene from the new season of  Southland
Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy in a scene from the new season of 'Southland'
The emotionally-gripping Southland has redefined the police drama with its uncompromising, authentic look at the lives and work of Los Angeles detectives and beat cops. Shot on location in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Southland captures a realistic, natural environment where similar situations can and often do occur in real life.
In the fifth season of Southland – which features a sterling ensemble cast – actor Michael Cudlitz (Life, Saving Grace and the upcoming film Pawn Shop Chronicles) portrays Officer John Cooper, a gay, recovering addict who, in this new season, starts to wonder what he has really accomplished after more than twenty years on the force. Shawn Hatosy (Public Enemies, Dexter, Longmire) plays Officer Sammy Bryant, a detective-turned-beat-cop facing a whole new set of problems from his estranged wife. Regina King (Ray, The Boondocks, 24) portrays Detective Lydia Adams, who meets probably the biggest challenge of her life – becoming a mother. Ben McKenzie (The O.C., Junebug, Sin Bin) is Officer Ben Sherman, whose growing maturity as a cop brings a darker attitude and increased tension between him and his partner, Sammy (Hatosy).
Michael Cudlitiz portays Officer John Cooper  a gay  recovering addict cop with more than twenty yea...
Michael Cudlitiz portays Officer John Cooper, a gay, recovering addict cop with more than twenty years on the force on 'Southland'
Now a series regular, four-season veteran C. Thomas Howell (E.T., Revolution, Criminal Minds) plays Officer "Dewey" Dudek, a recovering alcoholic who revels in his unpredictable behavior and off-color remarks. Dorian Missick reprises his recurring role from last season as Detective Ruben Robinson, who provides some experienced parental insight for his partner (King).
In Season Four of Southland, McKenzie and Hatosy's characters – Officers Ben Sherman and Sammy Bryant – were teamed up as police partners patrolling the often perilous streets of Los Angeles. The new season of Southland finds them once again riding in the same cop cruiser.
Ben Mckenzie is Officer Ben Sherman on  Southland
Ben Mckenzie is Officer Ben Sherman on 'Southland'
Thirty-four-year-old, Texas-born Ben McKenzie – who has remained a core series member since Season One – insisted that the new season of Southland is the strongest in its fifteen-year history. "It feels like a very confident show," he said. "It feels like a show that's comfortable in its own skin and knows what it's trying to do, and what it's not trying to do."
McKenzie maintained Southland continues to stand out and differentiate itself from the other police shows on television by staying genuine. "I think we've down well because it's more honest, it's more real," Ben offered. "We are actually where we say we are whenever we are shooting something. If we say we're going to be in Nickerson Gardens, which is a housing projects in Watts, then we actually go there. Actually, that's where we were last season. That's when I chased this guy to the backyard. Shawn (Hatosy) and I chased the guy down the street, because the guy's beating on the girl. I chased him into the backyard with these gangsters. That's just outside of Nickerson Gardens in Watts. You know, we're actually where we say we are. We're taking stories that are from cops. What cops actually tell the writers – in terms of things that have actually happened to them – and we're able to improvise and change things as actors to fit the reality of situations. That's why we're never perfect. We're always striving to be as good as we can be. I think it's a far more honest show than it is to do a kind of a cop show where you're inside on a set in Hollywood pretending like, 'What's happening?'"
Officer Ben Sherman (McKenzie) in an action-packed sequnce from  Southland
Officer Ben Sherman (McKenzie) in an action-packed sequnce from 'Southland'
Shawn Hatosy, McKenzie's cast mate and fictional cop car partner (Sammy Bryant) explained that the intense preparation the actors received before and during the run of Southland has been essential in keeping the series original and authentic. "As actors we're trained to be cops, I mean, we've spent so much time researching and learning the protocol and what it means to work on the streets – we actually know how to do it," the thirty-seven-year-old, actor confessed. "I think the different partnerships bring a new feel to Southland – about the good and bad that goes with two cops on patrol. It feels right and it feels just this partnership, sitting in the car together and being a couple of guys, I think it's what Southland was always meant to be. I mean, we spend so much time together that you get to know every last thing about the guy that you're riding with. Almost, too much."
Shawn Hatosy is Officer Sammy Bryant on  Southland
Shawn Hatosy is Officer Sammy Bryant on 'Southland'
McKenzie seconded Hatosy's emotion. "I definitely believe that from the ride-a-longs and interactions I've had with the cops, it's more like what life is like in the natural patrol car," Ben revealed. "We're not always perfect, but we do the best we can, and I think the audience responds to that."
Hatosy and McKenzie in a scene from  Southland
Hatosy and McKenzie in a scene from 'Southland'
Since partnering up in Season Four of Southland, the pair confessed that while the series' storylines can be intense and action-packed, McKenzie and Hatosy have had a incredible time filming together. "It's a ball working with Shawn, I'm having a blast," Ben revealed. Hatosy whole-heartedly agreed. "It doesn't really feel like work, right?" Shawn rhetorically asked his co-star. "I mean, you just wake up and you pinch yourself. It's a lot like, 'What, am I dreaming? Heck, no, this is the perfect job."
Officers Sherman (McKenzie) and Bryant (Hatosy) in a scene from  Southland
Officers Sherman (McKenzie) and Bryant (Hatosy) in a scene from 'Southland'
When the subject switched to the story-arc that their character's will take in the latest season of Southland, each actor was quick and concise in offering their take on what fans of the hit series can expect. "I think the producers have kind of told me that their idea for the season for Ben is that it's now that he's on the force – full fledge – and he's become a bit of a hero, he has begun to think, 'All right, I'm a cop, what kind of cop what do I want to be?'" McKenzie said of his on-screen alter-ego Officer Sherman. "That includes all kinds of things. It includes, how you conduct yourself, your personality, the way that you conduct yourself, both professionally or unprofessionally. Throughout the season, he'll be sort of tested. And, of course, he'll make more mistakes."
Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy on  Southland
Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy on 'Southland'
Since their characters are so closely bound by their determination to be good and honest LAPD street cops – combined with their minimal contact with the other actors in the cast of Southland – Officers Sherman and Bryant's interaction has been essential in fueling each other's actions and emotions. For Hatosy, it's a plus. "For my character of Sammy, there's no person better than Sherman to bounce things off of, because Ben's character is sort of straddling the fence of what kind of cop he's going to be, what sort of decisions he's going to make," Shawn explained. "But Sammy has been shaped so much by, first of all, by being a detective in the world of the gangs. However, he's also been affected by losing his former partner. Sammy has a an opinion about these people that he's arresting and it's very obvious and sort of in your face, and Ben is kind of - you know, kind of having to figure out what sort of cop he is going to be."
"Sherman can certainly see the appeal of the character of Ferguson's philosophy, because it just simplifies everything – it's, 'Us versus them,'" McKenzie quickly interjected, further explaining his character's feelings. "It's the thought that the criminals that they encounter – excuse my French – they're pieces of shit, so why you should worry about them? Or you should just let them kill each other. Of course, from Sherman's way of thinking, 'That's too easy.'
"Sherman realizes that, 'Sure the job is hard, and the job's tough, and a lot of the people don't have a lot of moral redeeming qualities, but, at the same time, you can't just allow them all to kill each other,'" Ben continued. "Sherman knows that's not their job. His feels like, 'We're supposed to be better than that.' I mean, there's a part of Ben that can't let that go. I think that's important to who he is as a person is even though he is certainly not as naïve as he was when he came to it. But, there's no way he's going to become so jaded that he's just going to simply give up all hope that things can be better and that, quite frankly, that his job has meaning."
The freedom to improvise has not only served the actors on the series well, but Southland has benefited from listening to suggestions from it's dynamic cast. "One thing which is completely unique, is that on other shows, they write things and you're married to the script even when they write something that might feel false, you shoot it on another show, and that's how it plays and that's how it edit it," Hatosy explained. "But, on Southland, we have freedom to make it real – especially for the actors. If it's not working, if it doesn't pan out the way it's written – a simple action sequence in a certain area – we find the truth of the scene and we always capture it."
Chad Michael Murray  Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy in a scene from the new season of  Southland
Chad Michael Murray, Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy in a scene from the new season of 'Southland'
Hatosy also intimated the devoted core cast and the crew that had returned for each season has only made the new season of Southland a stronger series. "In a lot of ways, this season is just a continuation of what we've been doing, especially in terms of the style of the shooting," Shawn offered. "But, it's probably even faster than it has been before, because everybody's worked together. A lot of the crew is the same from year-to-year. We have a really tight group and they reserve the time in their schedules to come back to work with us. So, the camera and lighting departments are largely the same and the actors are basically the same, obviously, and the writing and the directors are largely the same. For the actors and for audiences, it just feels smoother."
When posed the question on why Southland has been able to bear cancellation, a restart and a subsequent successful run, Hatosy credited the series' penchant for going above and beyond the call of duty. "It's like no other show on the air," Shawn declared. "Some people enjoy the procedural – where you solve a case every week – and if that's your kind of cop show, this is different. We do solve cases, but this is an action-packed show, and it's about relationships and it's about finding the truth. That is what makes Southland unique and special."
Southland airs on Wednesdays at 10:00pm EST/PST and 9:00pm CST exclusively on the TNT network in the United States. (Check local listings for stations, ON DEMAND or other television outlets in your country or territory).
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