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article imageWatch Andrew Hales in 'Eating People's Leftover Food' prank

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 19, 2013 in Entertainment
Prankster Andrew Hales of the comedy group Losing All Hope Was Freedom (LAHWF) is back again with another awkward but instructive stunt. The prankster walks up to total strangers in various restaurants and asks for their leftover food.
The reactions are a study in variations in human personality and character.
A prank of this nature promises some very awkward moments, and it is difficult to imagine beforehand how you would react to a grown man walking up to you in a restaurant and asking for a bite of your lunch, especially when you are on a tight budget yourself. You might just be tempted to say "Back off, I'm just as hungry." And then you may want to soothe your conscience with a convincing argument: "Lazy bum, never done a day's work in his life."
According to Hales, he repeated the "can I get a bite of your food" prank several times at several restaurants in Orem, hoping he would get more "interesting" reactions from "actual people" as opposed to not-so actual people such as "nice Brigham Young University students."
He observes that "It's interesting to see how kind some people are to a total stranger, like this lady at the end."
Andrew Hale's other LAHWF awkward prank videos include, Handshake Confusion, Hugging People, and Smelling People;
The video posted to YouTube on February 17 has received over 100,000 views
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