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article imageThieves steal $160,000 in jewelry from Four Seasons case

By Abigail Prendergast     Feb 18, 2013 in Crime
New York - Two men who had robbed a Jacob and Co. display case in Manhattan's Four Seasons hotel made off with over $160,000 in jewelry with a third man serving as their escort. The heist startled not only hotel staff, but Jacob and Co. owner, Jacob Arabo too.
A trio of "slick thieves" managed to pilfer 160,000 dollars worth of jewelry by destroying the display case which held them inside of Midtown Manhattan's Four Seasons hotel, reports the New York Post.
As the publication discovered, the case sat mere feet away from the hotel's front desk, and the burglars "made a clean getaway" from the scene.
Valuable items from the case included in the heist were "three watches, a necklace, earrings, rings, cuff links and pendants from the Jacob & Co. case at around 2 a.m."
Sources say that the two thieves then got into their getaway car driven by a third man, which was waiting for them on East 57th Street.
“It was quick. They hit us, smash and grab, gone,” one of the security workers said. “We certainly didn’t expect to get hit there.”
Sources told the Post that the two thieves who went inside engaged one of the workers in conversation while hiding the sledgehammer used to smash the display case, which is now boarded up. The third accomplice was in charge of driving the getaway car.
According to the Inquisitr, the original amount of 2 million dollars worth of goods thought to be stolen had been reduced to an estimate of 166,950 dollars since the incident occurred.
The display case was apparently stocked with high-end jewelry pieces from Jacob and Co., which is owned by 47-year-old Jacob "the Jeweler" Arabo.
The "King of Bling," as he is known in rap culture circles, made his sense of disturbance about the incident clearer than crystal.
Arabo is quoted by the New York Times as saying:
“This is small-time, running into a hotel, smashing things with a hammer. Unfortunately, it happened to me. How come it was my window, when there were other windows with jewelry in the hotel?”
Mr. Arabo pointed out to the Times via phone interview that the thief who broke open the case clutched just some of the jewelry due to breaking just a tiny hole in it, which greatly reduced "his ability to reach most of the jewelry."
Despite the aforementioned three watches stolen in the heist, Arabo says, the burglar who grabbed them managed to drop one of them on his way to the car.
Altogether, the Four Seasons hotel contains 18 display cases. The burglars are believed to have chosen the Jacob and Co. case due to the popularity of the brand. Arabo's client list includes rapper Jay-Z, singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani reports CNN.
Hotel spokeswoman, Tiffani Cailor, mentioned that the hotel's staff was "“very concerned and upset over the theft.” They are reportedly doing everything they can to help police find who pulled off the burglary.
Guests staying at the Four Seasons were promised that the incident did not necessarily put them in any danger. Police are still keeping an eye out "for two six-foot African-American males that were last seen heading away from the hotel on 57th street."
Arabo, who has had a good deal of bad blood with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was not at his two-story brick house situated in Forest Hills, Queens. Nor was anybody else for that matter. The home is under a tax lien reports the Post.
One of his neighbors claimed that Arabo "was out of the country."
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