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article imageAs touch screen market grows, Asia gains advantage on industry

By Andrew Moran     Feb 18, 2013 in Business
Newport Beach - Last year, the touch screen market was projected to reach approximately $14 billion, according to IDTechEx. The largest share of this market was the general application of touch screens in smartphones and tablets.
During this same time period, it was projected that touch penetration for mobile phones would rise 40 percent and shipments of tablets with touch screen capabilities would increase by 100 million units.
According to a report from the market research firm DisplaySearch, touch screen demand will grow by 90 percent within the next four years and exceed $24 billion in sales by 2017. This growth would be led by the mobile and technology markets.
“Demand is growing for thinner, light weight, and lower cost touch panels and devices. In addition, we see strong touch screen growth over the next several years in larger display applications such as convertible/hybrid notebook PCs and all-in-one PCs,” saidJennifer Colegrove, Vice President of Emerging Display Technologies at NPD DisplaySearch. “Over the next few years, in-cell, on-cell, and sensor-on-cover touch technologies will surpass the add-on type projected capacitive touch.”
To meet consumer demand, technology companies are adapting to the market simply by adding touch screen abilities. Google, for instance, was rumored to be installing a touch screen in its next Chromebook. Although the conjecture came from a “leaked” video last week, it is inevitable that more laptops will feature touch screen technology.
Research In Motion (RIM), which is now BlackBerry, announced earlier this month that its newest model, the BlackBerry Z10, will be a touch screen device.
Acer has even conceded that touch screen laptops will dominate the market, but that it will take at most three years because of the high costs associated with touch screen components.
“The supply of touch panel will also be a major factor affecting the penetration of touchscreen notebooks in the PC market. PC brand vendors already started securing touch panel supply six months before Windows 8's launch to ensure of sufficient supply," said Acer president Jim Wong in an interview with DigiTimes. "Most PC brand vendors are expected to join the touchscreen notebook market in 2013, and vendors that have stronger control over touch panel supply will have a bigger chance of success in the market."
Sollensys Corp, formerly identified as Health Directory, Inc., announced last week that it will complete its acquisition of the South Korean touch screen panel manufacturer, according to a press release. It produces the physical elements of touch screens, including the sensors, the glass overlays and LCD panelling.
The company changed its name to Sollensys Corp in order to continue the name of the Newport Beach, California-based firm that it is purchasing.
Sollensys Corp, which maintains a large number of patents on the touch screen panel manufacturing industry, first made the acquisition bid in September of last year and has now received the required approvals and the auditors are soon finished their necessary audits.
The company, which formerly worked on creating and supplying a health related online directory, will submit an 8-K following the audit completions and thus concluding the acquisition.
By making this important purchase, the company will now have significant leverage in the touch screen market as it holds the patents. As Techson noted, the touch screen industry remains “bullish on demand” and these organizations will only benefit over time.
As Sollensys Corp noted in this video, Asian investors have already significantly profited from their initial investments years ago – American investors have only recently started to make investments in the growing market. Therefore, Sollensys Corp, which is open to United States investment, would generate enormous revenues over the medium- or perhaps even long-term.
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