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article imagePhotos: Escaped llamas run loose in Somerset

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 18, 2013 in Environment
The photos show a pair of llamas that escaped from a property in Henstridge, Somerset by eating their way through the hedge surrounding their enclosure.
The odd looking pair then trotted around the streets of the quiet suburban housing estate, snacking on anything green that caught their fancy in neighbors' gardens.
A woman soon hit on the "brilliant" idea of attracting their attention and luring them back home with a bowl of cat food.
Based on the knowledge that llama' are herbivores, UK's Metro wonders: "So why on earth would you think to tempt llamas with cat food?"
However, the plan worked smoothly and Tony Collins, a wedding photographer, captured the scene: "I looked out of my kitchen window to see what the weather was doing and there were two llamas on my lawn. It was a bit of an odd thing to see and I didn't know of anyone who had them, so I went to fetch my camera. By the time I had got it they were in someone else’s garden so I went outside and followed them around, and a neighbor had to chase them out of his garden.Then one of the local ladies came out with a bowl of something and led them back to their home, which I then found out was on a road nearby."
Pair of Llamas run loose in Somerset
Pair of Llamas run loose in Somerset
Tony Collins/BNPS
The owner of the llamas, who according to the Daily Mail, asked not to be identified, got his animals back. Metro reports he said: "They are very inquisitive animals and they haven’t escaped before."
Pair of llamas run amok in Somerset
Pair of llamas run amok in Somerset
Tony Collins/BNPS
According to the Daily Mail, the owner explained: "we have the llamas to keep a retired race horse company, but they managed to make a hole in the hedge and go for a wander." He added: "We had about four or five phone calls from residents who know that they belong to us, and we went out to fetch them. Luckily they were only about 100 yards away from our home."
Llamas are native to South America and are usually found in mountainous areas with sparse vegetation. They are often used as beasts of burden in the Andes. A llama can grow up to 6ft tall and weigh 450lbs.
The Daily Mail reports that an estimated 4,000 are kept as pets in the UK.
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