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article imageRachel Maddow talks about conspiracy delusions of Sen. Rand Paul

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 18, 2013 in Politics
Rachel Maddow on her Friday show, discussed how fringe conspiracy theories have gained acceptance in the conservative mainstream. She singled out Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) whom she accused of taking conspiracy fantasies from the Internet and talk shows.
She illustrated her point with reference to the Thursday meteorite strike in Russia: "The video is amazing and there’s so much of it." She noted that car dashboard cameras, security cameras and cell phones captured the meteorite strike. She pointed out that the last time that a meteor of comparable size hit the earth was more than a century ago.
She said the truth of the incident that happened a hundred years ago is not denied, although there were no dashboard cameras or cell phones to capture the incident at the time. She then pointed out the irony in comparison with the most recent event in Russia: "Yet, less than 24 hours after this meteor won the prize for the most accidentally well-documented astronomical event ever, there are already meteor ‘truthers’ in Russia."
Digital Journal reported that Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian politician well known for his controversial remarks claimed the incident was not a meteorite but the US testing new weapons. He said: “Those aren't meteors falling. It’s the Americans testing new weapons.”
Maddow compared the Russian conspiracy theorist with counterparts in the US, pointing specifically to a recent theory that originated on, and carried on conservative websites such as Red State, that claims that Sen. Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, received donations from a group called "Friends of Hamas."
But Slate's Dave Weigel, later pointed out that there is no evidence that the alleged "Friends of Hamas" organization exists.
Maddow remarked: “Someone’s wrong on the Internet. Big whoop!”
According to Raw Story, the US also has its "crackpot meteor deniers," namely Senator Rand Paul, who reportedly gave an interview on Friday in which he expressed concern about the allegation against Chuck Hagel, saying he was concerned about it.
Sen. Paul reportedly said: “I’m very troubled by it."
Maddow said: "‘It’ being Chuck Hagel’s imaginary connection to an imaginary organization that only exists on’s server, and apparently in Rand Paul’s mind. That is who gets to vote to confirm the new Defense Secretary. He’s ‘very troubled’ by this terrorist organization that he heard about in a chat room somewhere."
Politicuusa comments:
Republicans filibustered Chuck Hagel’s nomination yesterday, that has never ever happened before in the history of this country. No cabinet nominee has ever been blocked by a filibuster...
The underlying problem that Maddow was getting at is that there is no buffer between the whack job conservative media, and Republicans who serve in powerful positions in our government... The conservative media complex has grown so large and the Republican Party so weak that this sort of Friends of Hamas wackiness influences even the sane Republican members of Congress.
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