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article imageOp-Ed: The sky is falling! The sky is falling?

By Micki Hogan     Feb 16, 2013 in Science
San Francisco - A whirlwind of chaos spawned by the Russian Meteor hit causes conspiracy theories and rumors to spread worldwide.. One thing is for sure, the sky is falling.
It began to spread like a wildfire. A whirlwind of chaos erupted early Friday morning as reports began to spread worldwide. It started because of what thought to be a bus sized meteor that had moments earlier struck Russia. Reports at this point are still changing as to the exact number affected by this rare event. But the one question remains? Just how rare was it?
Conspiracy theories and rumors have run rampant within circles around the globe. In one theory it is believed that the meteor was in fact a secret U.S. long range missile test. According to the Inquistir, a Russian Liberal Democratic leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, claims the meteor is no meteorite, but the United States testing a new weapon over Russia.
Another theory is that a UFO had crash-landed into Earth. Could this have been spawned by the recent UFO sighting over Amherst and Pelham, Massachusetts which took place oddly enough a week before the meteor struck earth. reported by the Digital Journal It is reported that even the Air Force seemed puzzled after reports began to come in of an unusually low flying pyramid moving silently across the sky on January 8th between 5:45 pm. and 6:30 pm.
There is also a theory that the meteorite that smashed into Russia and now into our history books could have been the same one that was supposed to just fly by on Friday the 15th. Countless reports have stated this is not the case but there is no doubt questions still remain.
Reports worldwide have begun to be reported of other cases of fireballs and talk of the sky falling. Including a report from Cuba where it appears residents of the central region saw and heard an object fall from the sky and then explode, around 8:00 pm. Thursday. This was reported by the Cuban news channel . and it was later translated by many sites including sites such as News reports of conspiracy have begun to spread and only now are making international news.
The latest edition of reports like the one coming in from the Huffington Post . They reports a fireball early last night as a meteorite was caught on video in California. The footage can be seen on YouTube provided by this link. It shows a fireball streaking across the San Francisco sky 8:44pm PST on the evening of February 15th just hours after the Russian meteor hit Earth. It is reported that this incident is like many others where debris from space falls to the Earth and burns up before hitting the ground.
Could the age old fable of Chicken Little jumping to conclusions be true or could we be in the midst of the next global changing event. Could the Mayans, with all their great knowledge have predicted this very moment? Is this the beginning of a new age? Or could this be much more, a UFO, or the beginning of war knowing North Korea and the U.N. have been at odds and long range missiles are the center point of their debate? Is Revelation possible?
One thing is certain, look to the heavens, none of us really know when or where, who, or why? The only thing we know for certain is something is happening in the sky. .
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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