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article imageWatch extreme Russian 'baby yoga' exercise caught on camera

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 16, 2013 in Odd News
A shocking footage shows an adult spinning a baby around. The baby is twisted and whirled around in what is believed to be "child yoga" exercises that have become particular in some parts of Russia. The practice first gained online attention in 2010.
Warning: Graphic video, user discretion advised
The video shows the naked baby, a few months old, being subjected to extreme exercises believed to be "child yoga" maneuvers that are reportedly popular in Eastern Russia. The promotion of "child yoga" has been banned on many websites because it is believed that it promotes child abuse.
The baby's distress as it is being manhandled is evident. But the woman handling the baby is relaxed and appears to view her action as acceptable. She smiles as she handles the child dangerously. When the baby cries, she calls her "an idiot" and wonders, "What's the matter?"
The Daily Mail reports that the practice of baby yoga has become popular in Eastern Russia, and many parents actually pay professional baby yoga practitioners to administer extreme yoga exercises to their children.
Russian folk believe the practice increases blood supply to certain parts of the baby's body and makes babies develop better.
Russian baby yoga is similar to the traditional practice in some parts of Africa where parents are encouraged to toss their baby to get them used to the sensations. African pediatricians, however, discourage the practice, especially in its extreme form because it endangers the baby, some of whom are maimed for life when accidents occur.
One of the best known proponents of the practice of Russian "baby yoga" is Lena Fokina. The Daily Mail reports she once claimed in an interview that the practice improves babies' muscular tone. She reportedly said: "The movements are designed to improve their muscular abilities and development. And the children often turn out to be early readers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger."
The Daily Mail spoke to Lana Wilson, who discovered the video on Facebook. She said: "I found a disgusting video on Facebook which is horrific beyond words... this is disgusting... it make me sick with horror just watching it."
The video, titled "real baby swung around by mum," has received 87,863 likes, and 6,987 shares. However, the shocking video has attracted thousands of angry comments.
The Daily Mail quotes a few comments:
Only managed to watch a couple of seconds of this sick video! All the people involved in this need to be strung up!!
Can't believe what I just witnessed, sick to the bottom of my stomach.
This is an awful video and that is no mum who would do this to a new born baby. She needs locking up poor little fella. He just wants cuddles.
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