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article imageOp-Ed: Court of Appeal outlaws slave labour scheme

By Alexander Baron     Feb 12, 2013 in Politics
London - People who were forced to work for nothing had a name, they were called slaves. The Government decided to call them the "sector-based work academy". Fortunately, the Court of Appeal disagrees.
Slavery was supposed to have been abolished in the UK with the 1833 act. True, they were still shoving climbing boys up chimneys until 1875, but by and large, our rulers got the message: slavery is verboten, period. There have been two recent cases in the UK involving this time dishonoured institution: that of Dr Rebecca Balira - who as an African might have been expected to know better - and the far more odious Connors family.
It may be considered improper to mention the cases of Cate Reilly and Jamieson Wilson in the same breath as the above, but a social injustice is always far worse when it has an official stamp of approval.
Graduate Miss Reilly had been required to participate in one of these lunatic back to work schemes, at Poundland, even though she was already doing voluntary work in her chosen field. She was at the Court of Appeal today, and after both the ruling and her solicitor had spoken, she added her thoughts.
The other victim of this scheme was an unemployed HGV driver who was likewise told he would have to submit to unpaid work or lose his benefit.
Although only two people were directly involved in this ruling, it will affect everyone who has been forced onto one of these crackpot schemes by a government indeed a system that is so blinded by the perverse Puritan work ethic that it can see no way of delivering purchasing power to the so-called unemployed other than by turning them into wage slaves.
Needless to say, the same rules do not apply to the banks or to the establishment's friends in high academe, even though as the Queen herself pointed out, if they were all so smart, why did they get it so wrong during the credit crunch?
The banks and traders like Alessio Rastani will doubtless continue playing their stupid games attempting to buy low and sell high in whatever market they gamble: futures, currencies, government bonds...all without growing an ear of corn or sewing a button on a shirt, but the net result of this judgment is that the Government will have to either scrap or totally redraft the relevant legislation, as well as cough up benefits for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of claimants who have been penalised unfairly by this lunatic "sector-based work academy".
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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