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Op-Ed: Donald Duck racist snub to black kids — Not a word from Disney?

By Paul Wallis     Feb 10, 2013 in Entertainment
Sydney - Does one of the world's biggest entertainment companies have a clue? Disney hasn't had a word to say about the racist incidents in which Donald Duck is accused of snubbing black kids.
The Telegraph describes the current incident:
A performer was accused of deliberately ignoring Nastasia White and her children Razzi, five, and Ryder, two, while playing with white children nearby.
Nastasia told how he strode past little Razzi, there for a birthday treat, and refused to pose for a snap with the children at the Magic Kingdom in Florida’s Disney World.
'I was upset and hurt. He was very sad,' she said.
….refused to pose”….? Disney must be a pretty sloppy employer to allow an employee to decide which customers he’ll work with. The performer may not have been able to pose immediately, but should have done so after playing with the other kids. There’s no possible excuse.
That particular D. Duck has just stuck his beak in a blender and done Disney PR no favours at all. Another black family is complaining about (I shudder to think of the name in this context) The White Rabbit being equally rude to their kids, and legal action is in progress.
Now the sick bit-
The attorney for the two families is now getting a lot of feedback from other parties and says that “… this isn’t an isolated incident.”
Oh goody. That’s what the world needs- Disney employees making the world just that bit uglier for kids on a routine basis.
Like most WASPs who aren’t still living in the Stone Age, I can only admire (yet again) the restraint of the parents whose kids were insulted. If those were my kids, it’d be German Lutheran Jackboots in the Head Year for Disney. Their reaction has been dignified and proper, unlike one of the world’s leading media companies, which has yet to comment about being accused of breaking a whole raft of laws, not to say the laws of human decency regarding kids.
I searched for Disney press releases regarding the incident, and couldn’t find a damn thing. The Daily Mail has some videos online, but the story of the two incidents getting around is pretty much a series of rehashes of the original and again didn’t include any response from Disney.
Too lazy, or just too lacking in basic courtesy? No social responsibility? No apology, or would that be some sort of ultra-legalistic no-no? Or just too damn corporate to respond in a decent time frame?
Donald Duck is the original American blue collar Everyman. He’s a bad-tempered, squawking, sometimes incomprehensible fighter. He’s a perfect role model for me as a writer, in fact, and I’m a big fan of the real Donald Duck.
Put it this way, Disney- If someone pulled a stunt like that on Huey, Dewey and Louie, do you think the real Duck would let them get away with it? I think not. Nor should you. Tar and feather these bastards and make a statement. Or take the consequences of an infuriated world. Consider The Duck, and be wise.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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