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article imageAussie Clive Palmer to host global launch of RMS Titanic (II)

By Marcus Hondro     Feb 9, 2013 in World
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is set to host a gala dinner next week in Macau around the theme of his plans to build a replica of the RMS Titanic. He has a series of events planned and has what he calls a "global launch" slated for Feb. 26.
The "global launch" his Blue Star Line shipping company refers to on their website will be held in New York on the retired aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. The launch is in fact a releasing of plans to build the ship. However, his intentions to build it, what it will be like, where it will be built and by whom are already known, as are many details on where Palmer and Blue Star Line intend to sail the ship.
Clive Palmer and replica Titanic
Palmer, a mining mogul who has shipping interests and owns and operates golf courses around the world, and is involved in politics in Australia, said his ship will be a virtual replica of the original, ill-fated, RMS Titanic, which hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank on its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912, with the loss of 1,517 lives. His Titanic, Palmer said, will have an important difference.
"(The replica Titanic) will be 98% the same," Palmer said last year. "The only difference will be an extra deck, to give the bridge greater visibility over the bow, which the original didn't have - very much to its cost."
He also says his ship will be 4m. wider for extra stability, have state of the art engineering and technology and will be 270 metres long, 53 metres high and weigh 40,000 tonnes and have 840 rooms and nine decks. The ocean liner will be built at the CSC Jinling Shipyard in China using the Finnish-based marine design and engineering company, Deltamarin; they will be working from copies of the original blueprints.
Events leading to Feb. 26 Titanic Global Launch
In addition to the Feb. 16 dinner in Macau, there will be Titanic events held on February 25 in Boston, March 1 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and two launches in England, one on March 2 in London and another March 5 in Southampton.
The 58-year-old Palmer, known for being eccentric and charitable, has said that his reasoning behind holding his global launch on the Intrepid is that the ship, and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum that surrounds it, is but a short distance from New York’s Pier 59, where the original Titanic had been scheduled to dock upon completing its voyage.
The replica Titanic is expected be completed by 2016 and sail a route between the U.K. and New York, as the original was intended to sail. On this ship there will be enough lifeboats for every passenger and crew member.
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