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article imageVideo: 'Ip Man — The Final Fight' trailer

By Can Tran     Feb 8, 2013 in Entertainment
A trailer has been unveiled for the latest movie about martial arts master Ip Man. This movie is called "Ip Man: The Final Fight" which is due to open across Hong Kong this spring.
The trailer has been made available for the latest martial arts movie to revolve around the life of Wing Chun Kung-Fu practitioner Ip Man. This movie is known to be called “Ip Man: The Final Fight.” It will air at theaters across Hong Kong this coming spring. If you are into martial arts let alone Kung-Fu movies, this might be something worth watching. It is unknown if or when this movie may get an international let alone North American release.
In recent Ip Man movies, the role of Ip Man was portrayed by international martial arts actor Donnie Yen. This time, an older Ip Man is featured. It is not Donnie Yen will be taking on the role of Ip Man; instead, Anthony Wong will taking on the role of an older Ip Man.
According to the trailer, the story if Ip Man: The Final Fight takes place in 1950. This is a few years after Japan surrendered in World War II. Historically, one has to remember that Hong Kong was one of the countries under the occupation of Japan. In the Beyond Hollywood article on the movie, Ip Man tries to live a quiet life while teaching Wing Chun; but, he still gets challenged from other martial artists. Eventually, it's not the only thing Ip Man has to worry about. Sooner or later, Ip Man has to face the problem of the Triads which are groups akin to the Chinese mafia.
In the Beyond Hollywood article, the movie opens in April. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) in regards to Ip Man: The Final Fight, it opens across Hong Kong on March 28. To understand the significance of Ip Man's legacy, pertaining to the movies about his life, one should know that Ip Man was the teacher of martial arts actor Bruce Lee. Wing Chun, which was learned from Ip Man, was the base martial art style Lee used when coming up with Jeet Kune Do.
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