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article image'Ju-C Air,' a game controller and male sextoy combo, unveiled

By Can Tran     Feb 8, 2013 in Technology
The 3D erotic game called "Custom Maid 3D" is due to be released in Japan on February 22. It will come bundled with a special "penis-powered" game peripheral called the "Ju-C Air."
With advancements made in regards to technology, the sex industry and other connected industries have benefited. This is due to the advancements made in regards to sex toys, sex games, animated sex movies, and so forth. There's an upcoming erotic game coming out in Japan almost in late-February which shows that Japan stands at the top when it comes to sex toys and so forth. Come February 22, this erotic game called “Custom Maid 3D” will be released. If you understand Japanese, as the game's almost completely in Japanese, then the game play is rather easy.
For Custom Maid 3D, a special game peripheral or “controller” is made to be used with it. This special controller is known as the “Ju-C Air.” It's a cylinder shaped controller that is reminiscent of the Playstation Move or Nintendo WiiMote controller as you can hold it in one hand. But, there's a catch to using this controller. It's a combination of a video game controller and a sex toy. In terms of sex toys, think of the kinds in which you stick your penis inside.
According to the Kotaku article, this controller will be bundled with a copy of Custom Maid 3D. In this respect, you use the Ju-C Air controller in the fashion you would use any sex toy targeted towards the male demographic. Due to an analog stick, a button, and other things on the controller, players don't need to take their hands off.
In the game Custom Maid 3D, you pick out and customize a “maid.” Then, you can dress her. Afterward, you have your way with her. When you have your wait with the in-game maids, that's when the Ju-C Air controller comes in. The game play and use of the Ju-C Air is simplistic; you stick your member inside the controller and the rest is history.
It is reported that the game bundle will be available in Japan on February 22 for $144. This game will be available for the PC. There is one question to be asked: How will the female players be able to use the Ju-C Air controller?
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