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article image'Guccifer' hacker exposes Bush family emails, photos, portraits

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 8, 2013 in Politics
A hacker has exposed private correspondence and photos of members of the Bush family, including George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush, both former presidents of the US. The hacker identified himself on posted photos with the alias "Guccifer."
The Smoking Gun reports that the photos and emails were uploaded to an online account which seemed to have been hacked for the purpose.
According to The Houston Chronicle, Bush spokesman Jim McGrath, said the matter is "under criminal investigation."
In an email exchange, the hacker boasted that he had "swiped a lot of stuff," including photos and "interesting mail" about H.W. Bush's recent hospitalization, The Smoking Gun reports.
The hacked emails were sent between 2009 and 2012 and one included a Dallas street address for George W. Bush, and a four-digit code Nantz Bush used to pass through a security gate.
Probably the most personal photos were those that George W. Bush emailed his sister two months ago showing his paintings, including self-portraits of him showering and in a bathtub. The Daily Mail reports that it showed Bush showering with only his back visible, "as well as a reflection of his face painted onto what looks like a shaving mirror."
George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush
George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush
Joseph Lozada
MSN Now points out that the portrait was not "that racy' ("unless you are into backs and feet").
Apart from a list of confidential contact information, including private home addresses, cell phone numbers and email addresses of several of the Bush family, six separate email accounts were breached, including the AOL account of Dorothy Bush Koch, George W. Bush's sister.
White House photograph of former President George W. Bush  Former President Gerald Ford and Betty Fo...
White House photograph of former President George W. Bush, Former President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford greeting the media at the end of Bush's visit in Rancho Mirage, California, Sunday, April 23, 2006.
Eric Draper
The most "interesting emails" exposed were those relating to the hospitalization of George H.W Bush. Dorothy Bush's hacked AOL account, for instance, yielded sensitive emails sent to her about their father's health when he was hospitalized in Houston.
It turns out that H.W. Bush's health became so poor that his family had assumed he would die and family members in email exchanges were already composing eulogies for him and consulting each other about it.
President George H.W. Bush
President George H.W. Bush
Shawn Clark
An email dated November 28, sent to Dorothy and several members of the family by Neil Bush, one of W. Bush's three brothers, titled "Report on Dad," gave detailed information about the nature of H.W Bush's illness and prognosis.
Jeb Bush's email to his four siblings dated December 27, was written in the style of a eulogy reflecting fears that the 41st president would not recover from his illness. Jeb wrote glowingly about his father's "kindness and good nature," boasting about "how kind he was with President Clinton and he helped restore his sordid reputation. A very tough thing to do but with kindness, dad probably helped Bill Clinton than anything he himself has done.”
The prognosis of recovery for H.W. was so poor in late December that his former chief of staff, Jean Becker, wrote his children about their father's funeral arrangements. Part of the message said: “Your dad’s funeral team is having an emergency meeting at 10 a.m. just to go through all the details.” The message also warned the recipients that the information the email contained “fell under the broadening category of things NOT TO TELL YOUR MOTHER (Barbara Bush)."
Former First Lady Barbara Bush.
Former First Lady Barbara Bush.
In a December 26 email, George W. Bush stated he was "thinking about eulogy" and asked his siblings for suggestions about stories that best illustrate their father's positive qualities, including his favorite jokes. George W. Bush wrote: "Hopefully I’m jumping the gun... But since the feeling is that you all would rather me speak than bubba, please help."
The Smoking Gun reports that "bubba” in the context may have been a reference to Clinton.
In another hacked email, presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett sent a message in December to the ailing H.W. Bush from President Obama. The message said: "Michelle and I haven’t wanted to impinge on you while you are recuperating, but please know that we are thinking of you and the entire family."
A hacked photo with the watermark "Guccifer," shows H.W. Bush in hospital. The Smoking Gun reports the hacker said in an email that the photo was snapped in December 2012. It came from Dorothy Bush's email account.
Former Governor Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney
Former Governor Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney
Black Political Buzz
According to The Smoking Gun, when reached on her cell phone, 53-year-old Dorothy Bush was shocked to learn that her account had been hacked and wondered why anyone would do that.
Another of the hacked emails was one sent to Willard Heminway, 79, a friend of H.W. Bush who lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. The e-mail was sent to him by Brit Hume, Fox News political analyst, after the 2012 presidential election. The November 9 email, said: “Election outcome disappointing, but there are many silver linings."
Image Editor
The Smoking Gun reports the hacker said the FBI began investigating him a “long time ago.” He boasted he had hacked "hundreds of accounts."
When he was asked if he was worried about the FBI hunting him down, he replied: "I have an old game with the f****g b*****ds inside, this is just another chapter in the game."
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