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article imageResidents prepare for potentially 'historic' Winter Storm Nemo Special

By Greta McClain     Feb 8, 2013 in World
Less than four months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the northeast, residents in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts are preparing for a major blizzard.
On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey, The storm devastated much of New Jersey's east coast and New York City. Affecting 24 states in the United States, including the entire east coast from Florida to Maine, it also caused heavy rains and snow westward across the Appalachian Mountains into West Virginia, and as far west as Michigan and Wisconsin. Now, many of the same residents that have struggled to recover from Sandy are in the midst of preparing for Winter Storm Nemo, a storm some forecasters are saying could bring "historic" snowfalls.
The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warning from New Jersey to Maine. Heavy snows, along with strong winds are predicted to hit the area Friday evening. Forecasters are estimating snowfall totals of up to two feet in the northern portion of New York, and areas around Boston could see as much as three feet of snow.
Storm warnings issued for much of the northeaster coast of the United States.
Storm warnings issued for much of the northeaster coast of the United States.
National Weather Service
Nemo could dump as much as 2 to 3 inches of snow per hour on Boston, causing some forecasters to compare it to the "Great Blizzard" of 1978. That storm left thousands stranded and several people dead across the southern and northeastern part of the United States.
Wes Junker, a Capital Weather Gang meteorologist, said:
This is likely to be a memorable blizzard with 18 to 24 inches of snow expected across portions of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Pockets of 30 inches or more are a good bet.
Sustained winds of 20-35 mph are predicted, along with wind gusts of 45-60 mph also predicted.
Projected snowfall amounts for Winter Storm Nemo
Projected snowfall amounts for Winter Storm Nemo
Screen Capture
Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, announced Thursday that schools would be closed on Friday and told all non-emergency workers they should work from home. Concerned about those who may try and bring outdoor grills into the home for cooking or warmth, he reminded residents of the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. He also told residents:
Be a good neighbor. Check on the elderly.
Airlines have already canceled hundreds of flights ahead of the storm and officials are telling residents to stay indoors, with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino saying:
I want to stress that the best thing everyone can do Friday and Saturday is to stay home. Stay off the roads, stay safe.
Residents are listening to the advice government officials and forecasters are giving. Pam, who lives in New Jersey, says she is preparing for Winter Storm Nemo much like she did for Hurricane Sandy, saying:
With the weathermen calling for hurricane force winds, I want to prepare the same way I did for Sandy. Extra firewood, extra gas for the generator, and food that does not have to be cooked or can be heated up over the fire. If the winds get as strong as they say, I have no doubt there will be trees and power lines down, so I'd rather be overly prepared than not prepared enough. The good thing is that it's hitting on a Friday night, so hopefully people will stay inside this weekend and we won't have traffic accidents like we probably would during the work week.
Although she seems to be well prepared, Pam worries about those that are still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Her biggest fear are those that still don't have proper shelter, telling Digital Journal:
You hear of some people who still don't have power or their homes are still damaged and they don't have a good, warm place to stay. High winds may cause more damage to a home, and the elderly, I worry about them freezing to death. We just keep getting pounded and I don't know how much some of these people can take.
Ree, a resident of New York City, is also preparing with extra food, bottled water, gas and firewood, saying:
We plan on doing much of the same thing as we did for the hurricane. The good thing is we don't have to worry about being flooded, but the strong winds do worry me. I have this image of the wind blowing a snow drift so high we are trapped in the house. But, we are going to try and make the best of hit. We have the board games ready in case the power goes out, cheese, fruit and wine to nibble in front of the fireplace. Plus a lot of soup and sandwich stuff. We are lucky, we did not have a lot of damage from the hurricane, but I feel so sorry for those that did. If they haven't finished repairs, this is the last thing they need. If they have, I hope this storm doesn't cause new damage.
Stay tuned to Digital Journal for updates regarding Winter Storm Nemo over the coming days.
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