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article imageTennessee 'born-again' quits job over 666 on his W-2 tax form

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 8, 2013 in World
Walter Slonopas, 52, a "born-again" Tennessee man was so shocked to find the notorious number, or "Mark of the Beast," 666 on his W-2 form that he quit his job as a maintenance worker.
According to The Tennessean, Slonopas was employed at Contech Casting LLC in Clarksville. He quit his job with the firm after he received his W-2 tax form with the sinister number 666 stamped on it. He believes that accepting the number will condemn his soul to eternal damnation. The Tennessean reports he said: "If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil."
The NY Daily News reports that Bob LaCourciere, vice president of sales and marketing for the Revstone Corporation that owns Contech Casting explained that the number refers to the order in which the forms were mailed out. According to ABC News, LaCourciere said that an independent company handles payroll for Contech Casting LLC and that the number means Slonopas' was the 666th form mailed out.
But for Slonopas and many other born-again Christians, the number 666 is the number of the Devil, as the 13th Chapter of the Book of Revelation reveals. The Book of Revelation 13:16-18 (NIV) reads:
"[The Beast] also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
"This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666."
Born-again Christians interpret those cryptic verses to mean that a man who is the embodiment of the Devil will rule the world in the prophetic "last days." He would compel people to receive the branding mark of the Devil, 666. Born-again Christians, heeding the Bible's prophetic warning, scrupulously avoid having anything to do with the number.
The 52-year-old born-again Christian said that was not the first time he has had trouble with the identity tag of Satan while working with Contech. Indeed, it would appear that the Devil took delight in hounding Slonopas with his number tag under Contech employment. Slonopas claims that he was assigned the number for his clock-in on his first day at work with Contech in April 2011. But when he explained his religious concern about the number, he was allowed to take a new one. ABC News reports he said he was supposed to be assigned the number 668, but a mix-up led to officials assigning him the dreadful 666.
But his experience at Contech took a darkly ominous turn when four months later, the clock-in system was renewed and, once again, the Devil's number tag popped up. Slonopas was assigned 666 a second time.
Unnerved at the extraordinary coincidence, he quit. But he returned to work a few days later after the company called him and apologized and offered a new number.
Raw Story reports that the company spokesman LaCourciere, said he was shocked that Slonopas had been assigned the number on three separate occasions by the same company. He said: “I am completely at a loss for words."
The Tennessean reports that Jay Phelan, theology professor at North Park University in Chicago, explained Slonopas' dilemma from his expert perspective: "It's a desire to be loyal to his faith and to not be identified with the Antichrist. The company ought to find a way to cut him some slack."
LaCourciere promised that a new W-2 form would be mailed to the employee, saying the company would love to give him his job back. The company's anxiety to retain him suggests the maintenance worker may have special skills and experience.
But after the latest incident, Slonopas believes that the number's recurrence while in the employment of Concast is a divine warning and not mere coincidence. He said he does not want to work with Contech again.
According to the born-again Christian, the salvation of his soul is of paramount concern. He declared: "God is worth more than money."
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