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article image'High School of the Dead' announced to resume publication

By Can Tran     Feb 7, 2013 in Entertainment
With the zombie apocalypse manga series called "High School of the Dead" having been on hiatus since 2011, there is confirmation in the form of soon to be released full-color volumes that the series will be restarted soon.
From summer to fall of 2010, a Japanese anime series called “High School of the Dead” aired in both Japan and North America with the latter being through the Anime Network. A month after the last episode of the anime's first season aired, the AMC channel started airing “The Walking Dead” which is adapted from the comics of the same name created by Robert Kirkman. High School of the Dead, in a sense, can be thought of as the Japanese counterpart to The Walking Dead. This is because both series deal with the same thing: surviving the zombie apocalypse. But, both series have their own different feels to the aspect.
Like The Walking Dead, High School of the Dead (HOTD) is adapted from the manga series of the same name written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato. While the anime was being aired, the manga was still in circulation with a new chapter every month or every two months. After March 2011, the manga was placed on hiatus for unknown reasons. Fans of the series were left wondering how long the hiatus would last for. There were possibilities that the creators decided to give up on continuing the series. However, it seems that the series might get restarted again.
Both Crunchyroll and Anime News Network report on revealing of volumes five and six which are due to be released in Japan on February 9th. From what Crunchyroll reports, the shots of the color volumes are a sign that Daisuke and Shoji Sato plan on resuming the writing and illustration of future volumes of High School of the Dead. In that case, one could expect a season two and/or three of the anime adaptation. While it is reported that the shots of these full-color volumes of the manga give confirmation that the series will continue, it is unknown when the series will actually restart. Fans of the series will have to wait until further news is given.
There are similarities that can be drawn from High School of the Dead and The Walking Dead as they deal with the various complexities of surviving a zombie outbreak such as surviving a zombie outbreak, procuring weapons & ammo, finding food supplies, finding other survivors, dealing with hostile humans, etc. There are stark differences that can be drawn as well such as HOTD being more action and style. Many of the fight scenes in HOTD are rather stylish.
HOTD takes place in present-day Tokyo, Japan. Suddenly, for unknown reasons, the planet falls victim to the apocalypse. Zombies in HOTD are referred as “them” versus in The Walking Dead as zombies are referred to as “walkers.” HOTD mainly follows a group of survivors consisting of six high school students, the school nurse, and a young girl they rescue.
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