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article imagePianist Richard Clayderman fails to put Tortoises in the 'mood'

By Layne Weiss     Feb 7, 2013 in Science
London - "Prince of Romance" RIchard Clayderman, a French pianist, was called into the London Zoo a week before Valentines Day to try and encourage Dirk, 70-year old male Galapagos tortoise, to mate. Dirk has his picks. Dolly, Priscilla, Polly, and Dolores.
Dirk is much older than the potential mates, but it didn't matter. The music seemed to have no effect on the tortoises, The Associated Press reports. Clayderman played them music from his latest album, Romantique as well as themes from West Side Story
and Romeo and Juliet
, but the only thing that really seemed to make them happy was when zookeepers brought them some carrots.
Richard Clayderman was a huge star in the 70s, thanks this best selling record "Ballade pour Adeline," The Indepedent reports. Even that, known as one of the most romantic pieces of music of all time, failed to put the tortoises in the mood.
Clayderman was a bit surprised the tortoises were so unfazed. He told The Associated Press that his golden retriever loved lying by the piano listening as he played and believes that it's "good for the animals to listen to music."
Perhaps the tortoises just aren't fans of Clayderman's music. Perhaps a different artist would have gotten them in the mood or maybe a different approach needs to be taken. Either way, the famous pianist found the whole thing to be a bit funny, but noted the London Zoo was "very nice."
According to The Independent, The London Zoo is also pretty "romantic," which Clayderman also noted.
In general, scientists do believe music can definitely have an effect on animal behavior. Some farmers have even claimed that playing classical music "has helped to increase the yield of milk and eggs in their livestock."
Galapagos tortoises are the world's largest tortoises, and live the longest. On record, the oldest lived to be 152.
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