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article imageVideo: Evolution of PC graphics over a 14-year span

By Can Tran     Feb 6, 2013 in Technology
YouTube user PerfectHandVideos uploaded a long video that details the evolution that PC games have gone through in regards to graphics. This video tracks the progression of game graphics from 2000 to 2013.
If you have played video games or PC games for a long time and you are still playing, then it's most likely that you have paid attention to the progression of game graphics. Today, game graphics are pretty major. In the past, you had 2D pixels to 2D cel-shading; then, you had 3D polygons, 3D cel-shading, and 3D CGI. If you are a true video game fan, you have seen the “evolution” of video game graphics. Some examples of the evolution of 3D graphics would be the games of “Virtua Fighter,” “Tekken,” and “Resident Evil.” The character models started off with blocky 3D polygons; over the years with new installments of those games, there was the conversion to 3D CGI.
Another example to look at would be “Final Fantasy VII” which was the first Final Fantasy game in 3D. The game started out with blocky 3D polygons; before going into 3D, the previous installments of Final Fantasy were in 8-bit pixels. Such examples would be “Final Fantasy IV,” “Final Fantasy V,” and “Final Fantasy VI.” Over the years, video game graphics have progressed. YouTube user PerfectHandVideos decided to create a video that's almost two hours and fifteen minutes long.
In this video, PerfectHandVideos decided to create a video of the evolution of PC game graphics. At the start, it is explained that the collection of footage are games that utilizes the Nvidia graphics card. If you have a few hours to kill, this is one video to watch if you are curious on how gaming graphics have evolved in almost a decade and a half. With many 3D games utilizing CGI effects nowadays, it makes one wonder on what gaming graphics will be like in the next five years.
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