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article imageOp-Ed: So The Priestly is as Canadian as Tim Horton's eh? Special

By Elizabeth Parker     Feb 6, 2013 in Entertainment
A recent Canadian themed airing of How I Met Your Mother introduces the "The Priestly" donut. The episode revolved around interviews being conducted at a Vancouver Tim Hortons about fictional Canadian superstar character Robin Sparkles.
At the end of the episode Jason Priestly purports to be enjoying his own creation of a Strawberry Vanilla donut stuffed with a chocolate Tim bit at the Squamish, BC, Tim Hortons when fictional character Robin Sparkles, a Canadian teen superstar played by Cobie Smulder had her break down. Tim Hortons has some fun with it and makes up their version of the donut as reported in the Toronto Star.
"The Priestly" is now going viral after Tim Hortons tweeted to Jason Priestly ".@Jason_Priestley, we loved the idea of ‘The Priestley’ so much, we made a batch. A Timbit IN a donut? Genius. #HIMYM ", as reported in the Huffington Post .
When Jason heard that Tim Hortons had made a special batch up of the Vanilla Strawberry, chocolate timbit filled donut he had said he was eating when the fictional character had her breakdown he placed this quip on Twitter “Proudest day of my life! A donut named after me at Timmie’s? #bestdayever”, as reported by the Toronto Star.
The episode of "How I Met Your Mother" spoofed many things Canadian with many Canadian stars making guest appearances as reported in this Crave Online article. Watch the episode on line at City TV.
I tried today to get my own version of "The Priestly" but it seems the Tim Hortons near me, at the Victoria, BC International Airport is not yet aware of the specialty donut and did not even have on hand the makings of one so I could make my own. The young lady at the counter hadn't seen the episode when I questioned her, nor had the manager but the manager was thrilled to find out, as a fan of Jason Priestly and manager of Tim Hortons, that Jason Priestly was creating a Tim Horton's buzz. She questioned me, "Jason Priestly, the famous actor?" She also enquired on just what the donut was for future reference.
I decided to improvise and since Jason is a well known Canadian heart throb, as reported by the Huffington Post, I purchased what was available at my local Timmies to make my own version.
My version of  The Priestly  using the jelly filed heart shaped valentines donut.
My version of 'The Priestly" using the jelly filed heart shaped valentines donut.
Currently the donut of the month is a heart shaped, chocolate, jelly filled donut for Valentines day. What is more appropriate then a heart shaped jelly filled, chocolate timbit filled donut to substitute for "The Priestly"? My version tasted just fine to me.
I happen to be heading to Squamish this weekend, maybe I'll be able to get the makings of the real version there, though I guess not an official version. According to the Toronto Star, Alexandra Cygal, a spokeswoman for Tim Hortons, confirmed the doughnut is not destined for coffee shops across the country.
Is Timmies missing an opportunity? They could start the Canadian donuts of fame like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
UPDATE Feb. 9, 2013: Well to add to above... Squamish, BC was also out of the makings of "The Priestly" yesterday morning. There was no vanilla strawberry donut to be found. I questioned the staff but they just said they had no plans to offer the make your own "The Priestly" nor any direction that the corporate head office would be adding it to the menu. They are aware of the episode and their current fame though; they had fun discussing it.
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