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article imageBeyonce Super Bowl Illuminati conspiracy theory goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 4, 2013 in Entertainment
Did Beyonce flash the Illuminati sign during the halftime show at Super Bowl? New World Order conspiracy theorists say she did and that she may have declared to the world that she and her husband are members of the super-secret cult.
Beyonce was captured flashing the Illuminati sign during her super-sexy Pepsi Halftime Show at Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome in New Orleans just before the lights went out.
Well, who are the Illuminati anyway, and why should anybody care if Beyonce flashed the sign?
Conspiratorial legend has it that the Illuminati are a very, very evil and small group of influential political and financial leaders who worship Satan and who pull the strings of major world events from behind the scenes and are implementing a very evil plan for a "New World Order."
New World Order conspiracy theorists blame the Illuminati for everything that goes wrong in the world: The Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, assassination of JFK, Obama's presidency, Zionism, the national debt, the UN, gun laws, abortion, Communism, the Democratic Party and lots more.
During her performance, Beyonce made the triangle sign that those who are into arcane symbols say is the Illuminati symbol. The Examiner writes: "For the record, the Illuminati sign has deep history in the world. The word – the plural form of the Latin word illuminates which means enlightened – is a label given to a number of real and fictional groups and organizations. The term originally goes back to May 1, 1776, when it was used to refer to the Bavarian Illuminati’s secret society. In current times, the term Illuminati is related to a conspiracy organization allegedly designed to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations establishing a New World Order."
And even more ominously, as NWO conspiracy theorists think, Beyonce has not issued a statement to say what she meant by the symbol she flashed publicly.
But then some ask, if Beyonce were a member of a super-secret group why would she flash the sign to millions at the Super Bowl half-time show? Her super-secret membership of the super-secret cult stops being super-secret once she does that.
The Hollywood Gossip suggests she was more likely showing love to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records, which uses the diamond as its symbol.
But many see the fact that Jay-z's record label uses the symbol as further evidence of connection with the Illuminati. Jay-Z himself made the symbol at the 2008 grand reopening of the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, The Blaze reports.
This is not the first time that Beyonce has been linked to the Illuminati. The website Illuminati Symbols concludes after examining the evidence that "the Beyonce-Illuminati connection is clear."
According to Buzzfeed, William Fawell, founder of SuperPAC Elect A New Congress, said he boycotted watching the halftime show because Beyoncé represents “the rise of the military state and new world order Illuminati, because she has in the past performed with dancers dressed like policemen.” Fawell asserts that Jay-Z, Beyonce and Madonna are part of the "New World Order" conspiracy.
When Buzzfeed told him that Beyonce used the hand symbol at the show he said: "I’m not surprised that they came with the triangle thing, and I don’t think it was in reference to high energy particle physics. I’m sure it was about the new world order. "
He said: "I never attacked Beyoncé, I think she’s probably a very nice lady who is 24 or 25 and she’s got a husband who is her mentor-manager who is beyond her life and anything he tells her to do she thinks is the right thing to do."
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