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article imageVideo: 'Streets of Rage' beat 'em up fan film

By Can Tran     Feb 3, 2013 in Entertainment
An eight-minute fan-made short film has been released that pays homage to Sega's "Streets of Rage" which was a popular 2D beat 'em up title during the late 20th century.
With social media outlets such as YouTube, virtually anybody and everybody has a voice. If you can make a film, provided that you aren't violating things, you can upload it onto YouTube. This includes fan-made films that pay homage to comics and video games. “Streets of Rage” (known as “Bare Knuckle” in Japan) is by no means an exception.
As Crunchyroll reports, this could be the most physically exhausting Streets of Rage fan-film to make. By watching the film, one can wonder how much hard work has been put forth to create a film that is eight minutes long.
If you are a fan of the Streets of Rage series, this fan-film should bring back memories. One example would be the main actor taking on the role of Adam Hunter who debuted in the first game as a playable character and became a support character in the other two games.
Adam Hunter (center)  one of the main characters in Sega s  Streets of Rage  series.
Adam Hunter (center), one of the main characters in Sega's "Streets of Rage" series.
There are plenty of tied-in aspects that pay homage such as the life meter, the bosses of Mona & Lisa (Yasha & Onihime in Bare Knuckle), eating a plate of whole chicken to restore all of your life, etc. With all the action and choreographed fighting, one can wonder how many takes it took.
For fans of Streets of Rage, this is one of those fan-films that should be watched a few times. This is a video to check out if you want to reminisce about the past video games back when they were in 2D and in pixels.
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