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article imagePeng Xiuhua, 101-year-old Chinese woman wakes up at her funeral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 3, 2013 in Odd News
Lianjiang - A 101-year-old Chinese woman, Peng Xiuhua from Shenshuidong village in Lianjiang City, south-eastern Guangdong Province "passed away" on January 19. But after having "died" for 16 hours, she came back to life at her funeral.
According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the old woman "woke up from the dead" at her own funeral in the south-eastern Guangdong Province. Peng Xiuhua's two daughters are now taking care of their mother after a dramatic incident they could only have welcomed with mixed feelings.
According to, Peng Xiuhua is a centenarian who lived alone before her "death," supported by the entire village community. She had lived alone since her husband died 11 years ago. She has five children but only two have survived.
Her eldest surviving daughter Liu Meijuan, 76, said Peng took a fall earlier in the month in which she hurt herself and became bedridden. Her daughters came over to look after her. Liu Meijun said: "So, me and my 67-year-old sister [who are married and living elsewhere] rushed home to take care of her."
But on January 19, at around 10: 30 p.m., they found the old lady lying still on her bed with no pulse. She was also not breathing. They thought she was dead and announced the news to the community with mourning. The village community then began making preparations for her burial.
The Southern Metropolis Daily reports that on the next day when the coffin was ready, the caretaker wrapped her carefully in a cloak, but as he was lifting the body into the coffin at about 3:00 p.m., she opened her eyes and with a bright smile, said: "Hello, there."
According to the Daily Chilli,, the caretaker was alone in the room with her when she "rose from the dead," and said, "Hi, there."
The man, struck with fear, dropped the body on the bed and rushed out calling at others outside the room. According to the Daily Chilli, the caretaker told Peng's family and other villagers: "She opened her eyes, smiled at me and said hello."
Everyone went inside to confirm the story. They were astonished to find the old woman apparently healthy and cheerful.
Peng Xiuhua asked why the house was crowded and her daughters told her she had been dead 16 hours. According to the Daily Chilli, when Peng realized that she had woken up at her own funeral, she said was very pleased with the turn out. She said: "I am a lucky woman. Not only did I get to see how many people care for me, but I also woke up before they took me to the crematorium."
The Southern Metropolis Daily reports that after Peng woke from the dead, the villagers simply converted the funeral into a party celebrating Peng's longevity.
Incidents of people rising from the dead during their funeral are not unknown. Digital Journal reported in June last year, the story of two-year-old Kelvin Santos, a Brazilian boy doctors had declared dead after suffering "cardiorespiratory failure" in a case of pneumonia. He sat up in his coffin at his funeral, asked for water, then "laid back down dead again."
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