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article imageCouple tiles bedroom floor with tens of thousands of pennies

By Leigh Goessl     Feb 3, 2013 in Odd News
An Illinois couple has created a unique way to tile their bedroom floor. Using tens of thousands of pennies, the couple has completed their newly renovated floor.
Ryan Lange and Emily Belden were looking for inspiration in how to redo their bedroom floor. According to NBC News Chicago, that came in the form of a "quick glance at a jar of change."
"We'd been looking up options and were thinking about being green when I said we should just tile the floor in pennies," Ryan Lange told local media.
Reportedly, at first Belden wasn't too keen on the idea. However, Lange had tested a small corner of the room one day while she was out.
"I came home one day and found a small corner was done, so I thought 'I guess we're doing it,'" Belden recalled.
Now the project is complete and the couple have a shiny new bedroom floor made up of a variety of pennies. According to the couple's blog, The Penny Floor, a total of 59,670 pennies were used. Creating the floor took almost 130 hours and covers 234 square feet.
Lange and Belden said they revamped and improved upon the process a few times as they went along. Describing their initial approach as "similar to the way you would decorate a cake with icing", using small tubes of glue, they quickly found this was too tedious.
"Our big breakthrough came from a caulk gun and stronger glue. With that, we’d push out copious amounts of glue, spread it into a square section with a spatula, and lay pennies within the glue pool. A huge time saver, albeit a clothing-ruiner and thumb-stainer," they wrote in The Penny Floor blog.
The penny floor project took 128 hours to complete
The penny floor project took 128 hours to complete
The Penny Floor/Screenshot from YouTube
Upon completion of this stage, the couple said they grouted the pennies just like floor tiles, then covered them with a clear coat to cement the pennies onto the floor.
The oldest penny used in the floor was an 1873 Indian Head penny. Another rare coin used was a 1944 WWII 440 steel penny that was used that year due to a copper shortage. These two pennies could have paid for the floor, noted the media, but the couple opted to include them in the design instead.
"It's turned into a fun party game where we challenge our guests to find the rare coins," Belden said.
Lange and Belden told NBC News the total cost to redo their floor was about $1,000, and many trips to the bank for more pennies.
The couple posted a video of the project in progress on YouTube, which to date has received close to 80,000 views.
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