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article imageVideo: 'Sleeping Dogs — Year of the Snake' DLC trailer

By Can Tran     Feb 2, 2013 in Entertainment
A trailer has been released in preparation for the third story-driven DLC for the already released "Sleeping Dogs" called "Year of the Snake."
The Hong Kong action game from Square Enix called “Sleeping Dogs” is getting a new downloadable content (DLC) story. This is the third DLC for Sleeping Dogs which features an actual storyline. It is an example of how the replay value of Sleeping Dogs doesn't get old. Even if you feel the game is completed, there seems to be a new story DLC to download and play. In short, one can really never get finished playing the game. The third DLC for Sleeping Dogs seems appropriate as it is called “Year of the Snake” since 2013 is the year of the Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac. In this storyline, you once again take on the role of Hong Kong PD detective Wei Shen.
In Year of the Snake, Shen and the rest of the cops have to deal with the violent Cult of the Snake. In doing so, Shen is thrust into an all-new story with new weapons, tools, and costumes that he can access. For the most part, Year of the Snake has a rather simple storyline. From a screenshot shown in a Cinemablend article, it seems that characters from the full game will also be appearing. It is unknown when exactly Year of the Snake will be released. A few days ago, a short trailer was leaked out; Square Enix made the formal announcement of the DLC. It is assumed that Year of the Snake will be released in time for the Chinese New Year.
The first storyline DLC was released was in October of 2012 called “Nightmare in Northpoint” where Shen had to deal with vampires. The second DLC was released in December of 2012 called “The Zodiac Tournament” where Shen went to a secluded island to compete in a tournament reminiscent of Bruce Lee's “Enter the Dragon.”
It's unknown when Year of the Snake will be released, it could be soon.
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