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article imageWatch Bandit the pittbull puppy on the treadmill with dad

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 1, 2013 in Lifestyle
A cute puppy named Bandit shows the pitbull stuff he is made of. He tries to join his dad on the exercise treadmill and keep up with his workout strides. But he finds that keeping up with dad on the treadmill is not as easy as he had thought.
The YouTube video shows the plucky puppy struggling with determination to climb on the treadmill while his dad exercises on the machine. He scrambles and climbs onto the machine but finds himself tossed off and thrown to the floor.
He is a spirited young pup, not one to give up on a lofty goal without a fight. So he tries to climb back but finds himself thrown through his dad's legs. He lands flat on his back once again.
The smart pup changes his tactics. He had tried to climb onto the machine from the front, now he attempts a rear end approach. But it seems Bandit is not clear about the physics of his self-imposed task. His legs are simply to short to keep up with the pace of an adult on the machine. His rear end approach experiment fails woefully while his dad continues his workout hardly giving attention to the pup's tomfoolery.
Many YouTube users have wondered why Bandit's dad is running tied to a treadmill. A reader on the Daily Mail is upset:
I noticed that twice in the video the puppy almost got its leg stuck in the treadmill. What kind of owner ties his dog to a treadmill and forces it to walk? A lazy, ignorant one who does not deserve to own animals!
Another reader, Colette, explains:
Lots of dogs are exercised on treadmills! If you live in a climate where it is just too dam cold to take the dog for a regular walk in the winter months a treadmill is a great idea! Much better than a dog with too much energy wrecking your home anyway!!
Amana Liston explains on YouTube:
Exercising a dog on a treadmill is a very enjoyable and healthy activity for dogs, and a great alternative for those that have very full schedules, live in very cold climates or are experiencing a rainy day.
The Huffington Post confirms Colette's and Liston's explanations:
And if you're wondering why there are quite so many pit bulls hanging out in a gym - well, that's because Peace, Love and Pit Bulls, a dog rescue organisation in Las Vegas, uses treadmills to exercise them.
The video, posted to YouTube by Peace Love and Pitbulls on January 25, 2013, has received almost 500,000 views.
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