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article imageOp-Ed: Toronto needs to find the killer of 15-year-old Tyson Bailey

By KJ Mullins     Jan 28, 2013 in Crime
Toronto - A little over a week ago a young teen boy wasn't feeling well. He asked his mom if he could stay home from school. In the early afternoon his mom said he could go meet a friend to play video games. It would be the last time she saw him alive.
Tyson Bailey arrived at 605 Whiteside Place with his friend about 5 minutes after he left his home. They went up the elevator to his friend's apartment on the 13th floor. Tyson stayed in the hallway just steps away from the stairwell.
Just minutes later pops went off. Inside the stairwell young Tyson laid in his own blood. His friend raced to his side, hearing Tyson's pleas of help.
Toronto's EMS are world leaders but there wasn't an elevator they could use as they raced towards Tyson. The police and fire crew were stuck on the 3rd floor. The fire department had used the key that personnel use to put elevators on fire service. There was only the one key and it was on the elevator that the police were in. That key slowed down the medical process, 12 flights up and down can take precious minutes but no one really knows if those minutes would have given a different outcome. Tyson had been shot at least twice, possibly four times.
At this time the police don't know who killed Tyson. Detectives on the case have said that it he was a good kid, went to school, was a star athlete, had no involvement in gangs.
Tyson may not have been involved with a gang but it's likely that he know others that were. His own words on Twitter show that he wasn't innocent of the ways of the street, after all he lived in Regent Park. The area is one of the areas of Toronto known for gang violence.
On December 12 he tweeted, "the hood ain't the same because niggas always plotting on niggas never know when the days going to come."
He lived in a world where programs are in place to combat gang violence. These programs can be the tool that kids need to break the cycle of violence on their streets. Tyson is said to have been part of the My Regent Park project. The program works with teens who are in gangs are at risk of being in a gang.
He also lived in a world that has a code of silence. If your best friend dies don't rat out the killer to the cops, take care of it yourself. Tyson is likely to have followed that code. On October 1 he tweeted, "Number one rule of a man never snitch."
Tyson lived in a world that is hard and cold. Teens go to far many funerals with the dead being their own friends and family. Death too often comes from another person's hand. Teens cry themselves to sleep, not believing that the friend they hung out the week before is now gone.
Those teens screamed out on Twitter January 18 begging the news to be wrong, saying that their friend was too good a kid to die. They blamed the EMS for not getting to the scene on time, the police for 'messing' up the elevators. They texted and tweeted for an answer to the madness. That the killers were wrong.
It's been over a week and there's no clear suspect for the murder of Tyson Bailey. In a building that has 13 floors no one has come forward with a description of the person(s) responsible for taking the life of a child. Someone has the key that will solve Tyson's murder. Let's just hope that they find the courage to give that information to the police.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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