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article imageVideo: Driver gets a fright as tank crosses road in front of him

By Anne Sewell     Jan 28, 2013 in Odd News
A driver got quite a fright in Russia when a heavy armored tank suddenly appeared out of nowhere on a busy road and drove across in front of his car in Nizhniy Tagil in the Urals. He caught it on his on-board video camera.
The video was taken on Saturday using a dashboard camera and shows a group of cars driving unsuspectingly down an asphalt road in an industrial area of Nizhniy Tagil in the Urals. As some of the cars pass a traffic light, suddenly the T-90 tank bursts out of the snow on the side of the road and crosses at full speed, then vanishes from view.
The voice of the rather surprised driver says, “If we hadn’t stopped, the tank would have run us over.”
Once the video was uploaded, there was a burst of outrage from Russian internet users, but Uralvagonzavod, the factory that owns the tank says that the driver did nothing wrong.
According to a company representative, “It’s those cars that passed the traffic lights as they were changing that broke traffic regulations.”
“The tank drove through at green.”
She explained that the street is intersected by a road leading from the plant to a testing area and that it had the appropriate road signs, adding, “The video clearly shows that there is a red light for the car."
Watching the video, it is clear that as the car filming the incident stops, the light is indeed red, so the previous cars had taken a chance on amber, not realizing just what was coming along!
Reportedly the T-90 tank costs from around $2 million to buy and the company says that there are more than 1,500 in service around the world today.
One can only imagine, however, what would have happened if the tank, which weighs more than 47 tonnes, had hit one of the cars. Possibly some new street signs would be in order in the area to stress the importance of stopping at the traffic lights?
This is not the first example of military equipment being captured by on-board video cameras in Russia recently, scaring the wits out of drivers.
Digital Journal reported on the incident with a Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet, which swooped low over a car on the highway, terrifying the driver. Reportedly this was a training exercise on the part of the pilot.
Another incident involved a military helicopter flying only a couple of feet above ordinary civilian cars on the highway, again a training exercise, this time for rescue missions.
But as the reporter in the video below says, "Only in Russia" can you see military equipment up close and personal when driving the public roads.
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