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article imageOp-Ed: A Trotskyite view of rape

By Alexander Baron     Jan 28, 2013 in Politics
If a female colleague of yours accused a male colleague of rape, what would you expect your boss to do, call the police, or hold an internal investigation? Welcome to the loony world of the Socialist Workers Party.
What is the cause of rape? Man's base and bestial desires? No, apparently the real cause is "the way that class society distorts sexuality and alienates people from each other and themselves". Strange but true. Well, no it isn't, but like their avowed enemies the Stalinists, the acolytes of Comrade Trotsky have never allowed the facts to get in the way of ideology.
The most sensible way to view rape is as a straightforward crime against the person - whether or not violence is used. The idea that it should be viewed as part of some worldwide class struggle, or that it will be cured when we are all enslaved by the dictatorship of the proletariat, is frankly, ludicrous.
This is especially true when those aspiring to these perverted ideals are themselves accused of rape. This is an allegation that dates back to 2011 when Comrade Delta - yes, they really do call each other comrade - was accused by a female comrade of raping her.
The full circumstances of this alleged rape have not been made public, but what happened next has. Instead of the alleged victim reporting it to the police, she reported it to the party, and instead of the party calling in the police to conduct an investigation, they held one themselves. Which begs the question, what would they have done if instead they'd found a body swinging from the rafters, held their own inquest?
The self-styled committee which investigated this alleged rape consisted of five women and two men. And would you believe they rubber stamped the myth that rape is a much under-reported crime by acquitting the accused? Obviously no one could accuse this committee of being biased, at least no man could, but it has to be asked if this is any way to handle a rape investigation, or an investigation into any serious crime? Alleged or otherwise.
Perhaps even more remarkable is the claim that it was the alleged victim - victim no more - who asked for this matter to be so treated because "the police...are notorious for their systemic failure to defend women".
A cynic might suggest another reason, namely that in this instance a proper police investigation would have exposed her as a liar.
Unsurprisingly, this affair has led to the SWP being trashed en masse by fellow leftists. It may be that this ludicrous hearing was prompted as much by its antagonism towards the police as by a desire to deal with the matter in-house. In August 2011, at the time of the riots, its newspaper Social Worker whined: "The police are the enemy of everyone who want to see a more just, fair society.
It is the actions of the police that marginalise and criminalise so many."
Whether or not they or anyone else likes the police, they are the proper and in most cases the only organisation people should look to for the investigation of crime. Alleged and otherwise.
If Comrade Delta had been "convicted" by this ludicrous committee, what action would or could it have taken?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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