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article imageOp-Ed: Could you pass the new British Citizen test?

By Eileen Kersey     Jan 28, 2013 in Lifestyle
The United Kingdom has introduced 'citizenship' tests. All migrants wanting to take up permanent residency in Britain must pass this test. The question is though, could British people pass this test?
The British Home Office announced, Monday, changes to the ‘Life in the UK’ test. The revisions to the test have changed the type of questions completely. The original test contained 24 questions which concentrated on the English Language and the practicalities of daily life in Britain. That is no longer the case.
The Home Office announced that the ‘test’ will concentrate on different aspects of the British way of life, including British culture, sport and heritage. The new citizenship test will be available in March.
Migrants wanting to become ‘British Citizens’ could be asked about Chaucer, the Norman Conquest, the Magna Carta, gardening, Winston Churchill, the 2012 London Olympics, British humour, the Two Ronnies, Monty Python, Britain’s cultural and artistic heritage, the music of composer Henry Purcell, the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
The test questions offer multiple choice answers. The test lasts 45 minutes and there is a handbook which accompanies the test.
SkyNews published possible questions which may now be asked. The answers are at the bottom of the test. The question to British readers is, ‘Could you pass this test?’
1. Which landmark is a prehistoric monument which still stands in the English county of Wiltshire?
A) Stonehenge
B) Hadrian's Wall
C) Offa's Dyke
D) Fountains Abbey
2. What is the name of the admiral who died in a sea battle in 1805 and has a monument in Trafalgar Square, London?
A) Cook
B) Drake
C) Nelson
D) Raleigh
3. In 1801, a new version of the official flag of the United Kingdom was created. What is it often called?
A) The British Standard
B) The Royal Banner
C) The St George Cross
D) The Union Jack
4. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
A) St Andrew
B) St David
C) St George
D) St Patrick
5. What flower is traditionally worn by people on Remembrance Day?
A) Poppy
B) Lily
C) Daffodil
D) Iris
6. Which of these sporting events was hosted in London in 2012?
A) The Commonwealth Games
B) Cricket World Cup
C) European Football Championship
D) Paralympic Games
7. At her Jubilee in 2012, how many years as Queen did Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrate?
A) 25
B) 40
C) 50
D) 60
8. The second largest party in the House of Commons is usually known by what name?
A) The Senate
B) The Opposition
C) The Lords
D) The Other Side
9. From what age can you be asked to serve on a jury?
A) 16
B) 18
C) 21
D) 25
10. What is the title given to the person who chairs the debates in the House of Commons?
A) The Speaker
B) The Chairman
C) The Leader of the House
D) The Prime Minister
Answers: you need 75% to pass
1. A 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.D 8 B 9 B 10.A
As part of the European Union the United Kingdom has become home to people of many nationalities. Some call the UK home temporarily but many chose to stay in the UK and take up permanent residency.
EU restrictions on the number of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania entering the UK, end in 2013. This has led to scaremongering in the press that as many as 250,000 migrants, from these countries, could soon ‘flood’ into the UK. For some migrants it will be a temporary stay. Others may choose to remain in the UK.
Great Britain is a small country. It is already overly populated. Is the ‘British Citizenship test’ aimed at ensuring that the UK has ‘good’ citizens or as a means to reduce immigration? As the UKs current membership of the EU stands, European migration into the UK is a fact of life. It of course also works the other way around.
Many British subjects have moved to countries such as France and Spain. Will they also face such citizenship tests?
The test concentrates on the 'values and principles at the heart of being British', reports the Huffington Post. Will those who pass this revised test make better British Citizens though?
NOTE: 77,000 tests were taken in London during 2012.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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