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article imageVideo: Toddler, 2 women airlifted as flood waters quickly rise

By Greta McClain     Jan 28, 2013 in World
Biloela - As many throughout Australia were celebrating "Australia Day" or watching the finals of the Australian Open, Queensland rescuers were busy rescuing a toddler and two women from a nearly submerged vehicle, catching the dramatic rescue on film.
The rescue occurred in Biloela on Saturday. Robin Collie, her 14-month-old son, Luke, and her friend Donna, were driving through some lightly flooded streets. As they came around the corner, they hit a tree limb. Attempting to find a way around the fallen tree, they noticed that the water was rising swiftly, trapping them in the back of their pick-up truck in a matter of minutes.
Collie immediately called emergency services to inform them of the situation. She told Adelaide:
"I was on the phone to the emergency services guys the whole time. They do a great job of keeping you updated. They keep everyone calm and are really professional."
A rescue helicopter was sent to the location. Once the stranded vehicle was located, a rescuer equipped with a helmet cam was lowered down to the truck. Helping to guide the rescuer into the truck, the women were told to place the child into a waterproof bag. Once the child was safely inside, the rescuer does his best to comfort each woman and assures them he will be back to get them.
A child and 2 adults are seen trapped in the back of their partially submerged truck.
A child and 2 adults are seen trapped in the back of their partially submerged truck.
Screen Capture
Once inside the helicopter, other rescuers unzip the bag and pull the frightened and crying child out, holding him and trying to comfort him as much as possible. Collie told the Courier Mail:
"He was fine until he got taken up in the chopper and lost sight of mum. As soon as I was in the chopper he was laughing and playing.
After all three were safely aboard the RACQ Capricorn rescue helicopter, they were taken to dry land where paramedics checked for injuries before transporting them to a local hospital for further assessment. The trio were released a short time later.
Collie is more than a bit embarrassed by the ordeal, not only by the attention the rescue has garnered, but also by getting into the predicament in the first place. She told reporters she is very thankful for the rescuers and will be more cautious around flooded roads, saying:
"I'm just very grateful and obviously learned a hard lesson."
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