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article imageJesse Metcalfe redefines the Ewing family way on 'Dallas' Special

As part of a new generation of actors who have helped to resurrect ‘Dallas’ into becoming a must-see hit series for a second time, Jesse Metcalfe offers up a preview into the riveting Season 2 and discusses life on Southfork after the death of J.R.
With the new incarnation of the iconic television series Dallas instantly becoming a television ratings hit across the globe, it has turned its young cast of actors and actresses – who portray the next generation of Ewings – into overnight sensations. First introduced to television viewers in 2004 in his role as John Rowland, the hunky, naive and sex-starved lawn boy of Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) in Desperate Housewives, Jesse Metcalfe is now one of several leading men responsible for the successful rebooting of the legendary, highly-rated, long-running (1978-1991) primetime soap – a spectacularly refashioned Dallas that has evolved into a contemporary ratings smash.
Although he has become a bonafide heart-throb to a whole new generation of Dallas fans – millions of adoring devotees who hang on his every word and follow his every action, both online and off – 34-year-old Jesse Metcalfe contends that instant fame has done little to alter anything of substance in either his professional or personal world – regardless of the fact that Dallas became an immediate winner with critics and viewing audiences, last year, during its first season.
Jesse Metcalfe is Christopher Ewing on  Dallas
Jesse Metcalfe is Christopher Ewing on 'Dallas'
"Honestly, life hasn't changed that much," confesses Metcalfe from the Dallas, Texas-based set of the series, where he is finishing up work on Season Two. "It's just nice to be on a show that people are watching and to be working with such an exceptional group of people. Of course, this is my first opportunity to be a true lead on a series, and, in part, carry a series. So, I take this job very seriously. I consider it one of the biggest jobs I've ever had. I feel very lucky. And, I've been enjoying every minute of it. But not a whole lot has changed for me, at least personally."
Jordana Brewster  Jesse Metcalfe  Patrick Duffy  Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman star in  Dallas
Jordana Brewster, Jesse Metcalfe, Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman star in 'Dallas'
In the 21st century continuation of Dallas – which continues to center on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even murder are truly legendary – Metcalfe portrays Christopher Ewing, the adopted son of the fictional Bobby Ewing. The legendary drama brought back three iconic stars from the original Dallas: Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing and the late Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing. They were joined by the next generation of Ewings, who take ambition and deception to a new level. In addition to Metcalfe, Josh Henderson is John Ross, the son of J.R. and Sue Ellen, Jordana Brewster stars as Elena Ramos, John Ross’ girlfriend and Christopher’s former fiancée, and Julie Gonzalo portrays Rebecca Sutter, Christopher’s wife.
Brenda Strong  Patrick Duffy  Julie Gonzalo  Jesse Metcalfe  Josh Henderson  Linda Gray  Larry Hagma...
Brenda Strong, Patrick Duffy, Julie Gonzalo, Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman and Jordana Brewster star in 'Dallas'
While Hagman, Duffy and Gray were able to step back into roles first created over three decades ago, Metcalfe, Henderson, Brewster and Gonzalo were given the tough task of creating original personas for their new characters. Metcalfe certainly understands the weight and gravity attached to role such as Christopher, admitting that, to many fans of the series, his performance is an essential part of perpetuating the Dallas legacy. "I do feel there is an accountability with what I do on Dallas," Jesse explains. "That's why I take it so seriously. I mean, this is an incredible event for me – to get my first, ever, lead part on a series, where I really feel a responsibility to make sure that every episode is everything it can be."
Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe in  Dallas
Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe in 'Dallas'
Playing the role of Christopher Ewing has also had a transformative effect on Metcalfe's approach to acting. "I bring a lot of myself to the characters I play, so I think that playing any character serves as a cathartic experience for me," explains the star of the film John Tucker Must Die. "It's almost like you learn things from your character or you become more like you character the longer that you play him. Christopher's a very noble character. He's really at the moral center of the show. He's incredibly ethical and oftentimes heroic, and he's really the guy that selflessly tries to serve and protect his family. So, it's been a great acting turn for me, because it's really stretched me as an actor, because there's a lot of high drama, a lot of really emotional scenes."
Season One of the new Dallas (now available on DVD) certainly had its fill of intrigue and high drama, proving that in Texas, oil is still thicker than blood. In the first season, at stake was the coveted Southfork family estate, which is sitting on a billion barrels of oil. With J.R.’s cunning guidance, John Ross was determined to drill on the ranch. Bobby, determined to honor his late mother's wishes, refused to allow for the drilling. However, Bobby's health problems forced him to consider selling the family's property to a conservancy. Concurrently, with Bobby's blessing and backing, his son Christopher – who had recently returned to Dallas with his wife-to-be- Rebecca Sutter – continued developing an alternative energy source as a way to protect the family legacy from being stolen out from under them. Unfortunately, Bobby and Christopher were unaware that the entire conservancy deal was a ruse by J.R., who was more determined than ever to take control of Southfork. It was a battle without limits, whether it meant stealing another man’s money, loyalty, girlfriend or wife. By the end of the Season One finale, viewers we left with just one question: "Whose side are you on?"
Jesse Metcalfe in  Dallas
Jesse Metcalfe in 'Dallas'
The flagship season of the Dallas reboot firmly established the kind of man Christopher Ewing had become during the legendary series' twenty-plus year hiatus. "I think we really got the chance to find out who Christopher really is and what he's grappling with in the first season," stresses Metcalfe. "I think Christopher is really defined by his need to prove himself as a Ewing, and the baggage of being abandoned by the only mother that he's ever known. I think that's the fuel for his ambition. That's the source to his ambition. Anything can really come out of that. I mean, he could have had a substance problem... Sure, sometimes, he can fly off the handle. I mean, he's already proven himself, in the first season, to be pretty temperamental and very emotionally raw – at times. He definitely has some edge to his personality and certainly there was the propensity to go to the dark side. But, he didn't."
Metcalfe portrays Christopher Ewing in Season 2 of  Dallas
Metcalfe portrays Christopher Ewing in Season 2 of 'Dallas'
According to Metcalfe, Christopher may begin to adopt a little cut-throat attitude when he goes up against his uncle Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), J.R. and John Ross, in Season Two. "He definitely starts to consider compromising his ethics, in the new season," Jesse admits. "He, ultimately, does dance on the dark side a little bit. He's really forced to in order to compete with everyone around him being so manipulative. Audiences are definitely going to see a darker side of Christopher this year, come mid-season."
As the second season of Dallas begins (premiering Monday, January 28, 2013 on the TNT network in the States), Sue Ellen’s run for governor will be threatened by the secret that she bribed a medical examiner to help get John Ross off the hook for murder. Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) – the former husband of Anne Ewing (Brenda Strong) and Bobby's new wife – will come to Ann claiming to have news about her daughter. Christopher will head to Des Moines to find the real Becky Sutter, while the woman he married will start to show her true colors as Cliff Barnes’ daughter. J.R. will team up with John Ross to take over Sue Ellen’s loan to Elena and, in turn, gain total control over Christopher and John Ross’ new startup company, Ewing Energies. That’s in just the first episode…
Patrick Duffy and Jesse Metcalfe portray Bobby & Christopher Ewing in  Dallas
Patrick Duffy and Jesse Metcalfe portray Bobby & Christopher Ewing in 'Dallas'
Even though there were some tense moments between Christopher and his adoptive father, Bobby, Metcalfe says that whatever strain existed in their relationship during Season One is now a thing of the past. "They were a bit at odds in the first season, but just a little bit," Jesse says of the father and son team. "But, I think they're pretty much on the same side in the second season – at least thus far. It becomes a very tricky situation with the running of Ewing Energies because some other players become involved. Also, Sue Ellen becomes more involved with Ewing Energies. We also end up bringing Elena on in a bigger capacity. So, I think Christopher and Bobby realize they need to stay on the same page and stay a tight-knit group more than ever."
Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) in a scene from  Dallas
Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) in a scene from 'Dallas'
In fact, Christopher has bigger problems this year on Dallas, namely his now pregnant ex-wife, Rebecca Sutter, who revealed at the end of last season that she was the daughter of Ewing nemesis Cliff Barnes. Her feelings towards the father of her soon-to-be-born twins has indeed changed, and she is now out to get even with the young Ewing heir. "To Christopher, Rebecca is now very dangerous," Metcalfe emphasizes. "She's dangerous because she now has the backing of her family and of her father. She, along with her dad's company, Barnes Global, certainly have a lot of money and a lot of power. Plus, Christopher is still emotionally vulnerable to her. After all, she is the mother of his children. So, they're stuck in this bitter custody battle over his unborn twins. It gets pretty ugly."
In real life, while the cast was busy filming many of these intense, dramatic scenes, tragedy struck. To everyone's shock, the face and embodiment of everything Dallas, 81-year-old Larry Hagman, passed away due to complications brought on by throat cancer, on November 23, 2012, in a Dallas, Texas hospital. His saddening, untimely death occurred roughly after the entire cast (including Hagman) had just filmed the final scenes of Episode Five of the fifteen-episode second season. Although Hagman had been in questionable health ever since he had been diagnosed with cancer, shortly after the new incarnation of Dallas had been given the green light, no one ever imagined he was that gravely ill. Since most of the season had already been plotted out – with J.R. playing a major role throughout the second year – a quick, complete creative overhaul of more than half of the episodes of Season Two was an absolute necessity.
Larry Hagman is J.R. Ewing in  Dallas
Larry Hagman is J.R. Ewing in 'Dallas'
"Our writers had to kind of urgently get together over the Christmas hiatus and basically rewrite the entire second half of the season," Metcalfe remembers. "So, definitely some changes certainly transpired." Every cast member of Dallas was heartbroken over losing a fellow colleague, close friend and brilliant actor, including Jesse. However, in a move that Hagman would have probably suggested himself, the writer's decided to turn Hagman's horrible death into a clever plot device for the character of J.R. on Dallas – reminiscent of the ratings history-making "Who Shot J.R.?" episode from the original series. "I know it sounds weird to say it, because we all terribly miss Larry, but the passing of J.R., within the story, really sets in motion some very exciting storylines," Metcalfe says, hesitantly. "It brings a lot of different characters from the past and present together. This tragedy has really kind of set up another monumental television event. I think our writers, our producers and obviously we, as actors, have all come together to try to honor Larry and honor the character of J.R. Ewing in the best way that we know how. And, it's going to make for some very compelling television. There's no doubt about that. I mean Episode 8 is really the episode where the mystery of J.R.'s death begins to unravel. It's titled 'J.R.'s Masterpiece.' A lot of very intriguing storylines have been set in motion because of his death. I think that's really going to fuel the second half of the new season and possibly seasons to come.
The late Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing in  Dallas
The late Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing in 'Dallas'
"I think the best way to honor Larry would be to make this show a huge success and to keep this show going for at least a few more years to come," Metcalfe concludes. "Anything less than that I think Larry would see as a failure."
Warner Bros/TNT
Dallas: The Complete First Season DVD Bonus Features: "Back in Production" - go behind the scenes of the first day on set with Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman – the original J.R.; "Dressing Dallas" - costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin reveals the new wardrobe for Dallas; "Who Shot J.R.?" - Larry Hagman and other cast members reminisce about one of the most memorable storylines from the original Dallas; "Ewing Family Love Oak" - Brenda Strong takes us behind the scenes to learn about the Love Oak and what it means to the new Dallas; "Southfork Legacy: Making Dallas: Season One" - cast and the creative team discuss bringing Dallas back to TV; "Oil and Water: A Family Tradition" - the drama continues with the new cast joining the original cast to discuss the enduring appeal of the Ewings; Pilot Commentary - Audio Commentary with Executive Producer & Writer Cynthia Cidre and Executive Producer & Director Michael M. Robin and Deleted Scenes.
The second season of Dallas premieres – with back-to-back episodes – Monday, January 28, 2013 on TNT in the United States. (Check local listings)
Taken 2
Brace yourself for the Unrated Cut of Taken 2, with even more unstoppable action and thrilling suspense - plus in-depth extras that take you deep behind the front lines of a one-man war. Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA operative who finds himself "taken" hostage along with his wife. To survive, Bryan must enlist the help of an unlikely ally and use his brutally efficient skills to take out his kidnappers. In addition to Neeson, the Oliver Megaton-directed Taken 2 also stars Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace and Rade Sherbedgia. Taken 2 (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) Bonus Features: Deleted Scenes; Alternate Ending; Black Ops Field Manual; "Sam's Tools Of The Trade" and the FX Movie Channel Presents: "In Character With Liam Neeson."
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Prepare for a dark modern day twist in this fairytale remake. Booboo Stewart of The Twilight Saga franchise and his sister Fivel Stewart discover their magical legacy in this updated, dark fairytale, directed by David DeCoteau (The Puppetmaster). Jonah and Ella Mazer (Hansel and Gretel) were happy, normal teenagers sent to an elite boarding school. The Head Master, Sebastian, seems to know more about the brother and sister than they know about themselves. As both get to know their high school classmates, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When their new friends explain that they are all descendant from powerful witches and that they've been waiting for Hansel and Gretel to join them and complete a new generation of the coven, both refuse to believe them. It's not until Hansel discovers a message from his mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in the school library, that he understands their true and dangerous destiny – slaying witches. DVD Bonus Features: Audio Commentary with director David DeCoteau & actors Fivel Stewart and Courtney Turk and Stills Gallery.
Death Race 3: Inferno
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Drawing on the great tradition of silent comedy, Sleeper is Woody Allen's first film to tame his verbal wit and showcase his emerging skill with visual and physical comedy. When cryogenically preserved Miles Monroe (Allen) is awakened 200 years after a hospital mishap, he discovers the future's not so bright: all women are frigid, all men are impotent, and the world is ruled by an evil dictator...a disembodies nose! Pursued by the secret police and recruited by anti-government rebels with a plan to kidnap the dictator's snout before it can be cloned, Miles falls for the beautiful – but untalented – poet Luna (Diane Keaton). But when Miles is captured and reprogrammed by the government – to believe he's Miss America! – it's up to Luna to save Miles, lead the rebels, and cut off the nose...just to spite its face.
Inspired by true events, Compliance tells the chilling story of just how far one might go to obey a figure of authority. On a particularly busy day at a suburban Ohio fast food joint, high-strung manager Sandra (Ann Dowd) receives a phone call from a police officer saying that an employee, a pretty young blonde named Becky (Dreama Walker), has stolen money from a customer. Convinced she's only doing what's right, Sandra commences the investigation, following step-by-step instructions from the officer at the other end of the line, no matter how invasive they become. Directed and written by Craig Zobel, Compliance also features Pat Healy and Bill Camp. Blu-ray Bonus Features: "Behind The Scenes"; Interview with Director Craig Zobel; AXS TV: "A Look At Compliance" and Theatrical Trailer.
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Get set for action, intrigue, romance and fun! Scarecrow & Mrs. King: The Complete Fourth Season includes 22 episodes of the hit series that features Kate Jackson (Charlie’s Angels) and Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5) as a pair of mismatched operatives working together to solve crimes. Scarecrow & Mrs. King turns up the heat in Season Four. Agents and partners Amanda King and Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson are consummate professionals, elite undercover experts solving The Agency’s most dangerous cases. After hours, the two lovebirds are planning a beautiful future together. But personal happiness is put on hold when a double-cross from within the ranks forces Lee into hiding from the Agency itself. And when Amanda is kidnapped, Lee must try to rescue her without getting himself killed. Their last case will test the wits, will and hearts of Lee and Amanda, as their lives – and love – are on the line in this sizzling final season. The award-winning Scarecrow & Mrs. King first premiered in 1983 on CBS and aired for four successful seasons.
Perry Mason: Season 8 - Volume 2
Renowned defense attorney Perry Mason is back on the front lines of justice in the fifteen final episodes of Season Eight. Two-time Emmy winner Raymond Burr brings his signature brand of clever questioning and deductive reasoning to cap off a killer season, which includes mischievous dolls, deadly debts and murderous mermaids. Always by his side are Detective Paul Drake (William Hooper), loyal secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale), and homicide officer Andy Anderson (Wesley Lau). In this four-disc, digitally remastered collection, courtroom fireworks are on full display, and one of television's most iconic legal thrillers is at its peak. The Perry Mason series also starred Ray Collins, Richard Anderson, William Talman, Dan Tobin, Lee Miller and Karl Held. DVD Bonus Feature: "Law Day" Promo with Raymond Burr.
Last Of The Summer Wine: Vintage 1997
The world’s longest running sitcom is back for another season of hijinks and adventures. A film company comes to town to shoot a horror film and finds a certain trio of willing extras. The season finds everyone's favorite geriatrics up to new antics. When a dating agency comes to town, chaos ensues. The trio helps a chimney sweep find more business. Later, Foggy tries to show Smiler how to be more macho. When the boys try to help a hiker writing a guidebook to the area, Foggy winds up getting the crew hopelessly lost. As usual, Compo is looking to get closer to Nora Batty. In this season, he goes on a mission to get a kiss from her and later buys a motorbike form Auntie Wainwright to impress her. This season of Last Of The Summer Wine is not to be missed. The cast of Last Of The Summer Wine includes Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Brian Wilde and Michael Aldridge. DVD Bonus Feature: 1996 Special: "Extra! Extra!"
Waking The Dead: Season Seven
The award-winning and critically-acclaimed crime drama returns for another season of dark, gripping murder mystery investigations. In these six two-part stories, DSI Boyd (Trevor Eve, Troy) and his Cold Case Squad enter the visceral worlds of international terrorism, private military contractors, the penal system and sex offenders, Navajo rituals, people trafficking and neo Nazi politics to close more previously unsolved cases. Meanwhile Boyd's son, who has been missing for seven years, makes a surprise reappearance.
Sony Classics
Searching For Sugar Man
Searching For Sugar Man is the critically-acclaimed film profiling the incredible but true story of Rodriguez, the greatest '70s rock icon who never was. Rodriguez was discovered in a Detroit bar in the late 1960s by two celebrated producers who were struck by his soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics. They recorded an album, which was expected to secure his reputation as the greatest recording artist of his generation, but in contrast, the album bombed and Rodriguez disappeared into obscurity amid rumors of a gruesome on-stage suicide. Nonetheless, a bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and, over the next two decades, his music became a phenomenon and an anthem for the people. Searching For Sugarman follows two South African fans setting out to discover what really happened to their hero, leading them to a story more extraordinary than any of the existing myths about the artist known as Rodriguez. Momentarily hailed as the finest recording artist of his generation, he disappeared into oblivion – rising again like Lazarus in a completely different context a continent away. Unbeknownst to Rodriguez, he enjoyed a parallel life, full of acclaim and success, a world away. Searching For Sugar Man is a film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of music. The original motion picture soundtrack album to Searching For Sugar Man is the definitive collection of songs by '70s folk singer Rodriguez. Available now from Legacy Recordings/Light in the Attic, it features "I Wonder," "Crucify Your Mind," the classic song "Sugar Man." Blu-ray Bonus Features: Commentary with Director Malik Bendjelloul and Rodriguez; "An Evening with Malik Bendjelloul and Rodriguez" - which features the director and Rodriguez participating in fan Q&A and "Making Sugar Man" - which provides a deeper into the filmmakers process.
The Story Of Math Collection
BBC documentaries make math fun! Using computerized visuals mixed with plenty of humor, Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy makes the most complex concepts accessible and engaging in The Story of Math Collection. Forming the foundation for nearly everything we do, mathematics not only describes our world but also reveals its beauty and mystery. Join du Sautoy as he crisscrosses the globe and enlists distinguished experts to uncover the history, meaning, and wonder of math. Engaging and entertaining, these documentaries cover complex topics with helpful visuals and healthy doses of humor, revitalizing the subject as they unlock the very laws of the universe. The collection includes best-sellers "The Story of Math" and "The Code," plus the full-length bonus program, "The Music of the Primes." Filmed with top production values in Greece, Egypt, India, Russia, Germany, and many other exciting locales, these programs make math come alive. DVD 5-disc boxed set Bonus Features: Math Shorts: "Phi’s the Limit"; "Go Forth and Multiply"; "Imagining the Impossible: The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher"; 20-page viewer’s guide for The Story of Math; 12-page viewer’s guide for "The Code" and Biographies of influential mathematicians.
Bill Moyers: Becoming America - The Chinese Experience
From the Peabody award-winning PBS series comes the four-time Emmy-nominated documentary, Bill Moyers: Becoming American. Through personal narratives and interviews with historians, legendary journalist Bill Moyers (Moyers & Company, PBS) tells the remarkable history of Chinese Americans, from the first wave of immigration in the 1850s to the present day. Profound and deeply moving, Becoming American recounts the story of a people who have ventured, suffered, endured, and eventually prevailed – from war and famine in Guangdong province to a tenuous new life in America. Rather than finding the “Gold Mountain” they expected in California, early arrivals faced hardship and hard work, battled poverty and prejudice, and experienced the loneliness of a people caught between two worlds. Through personal narratives and interviews with historians, Moyers recounts the remarkable transformation of a bachelor society confined to America’s Chinatowns into the new “model minority” and beyond – an integral part of the American mainstream and a vital part of the nation’s future. DVD Bonus Features: Bonus program "Becoming American: Personal Journeys with Bill Moyers – notable Chinese Americans talk to Bill Moyers and tell their own stories; 16-page viewer’s guide with an introduction by Bill Moyers; a timeline of significant events in Chinese immigration history; immigration statistics; and articles on Chinese history, Chinatowns around the world, and calligraphy; Biography of Bill Moyers, plus an article about evolving media portrayals of Chinese Americans and discussion questions at
The Other Dream Team
Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the moving and inspirational basketball documentary tells the incredible story of the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team, whose athletes struggled under Soviet rule, only to become symbols of Lithuania's independence movement – with help from the Grateful Dead – and triumph at the Barcelona Olympics. Written by Jon Weinbach and Marius A. Markevicius (who also directed the film), The Other Dream Team documents the Lithuanians’ experiences behind the Iron Curtain for fifty years, where elite athletes were subjected to brutalities of Communist rule. As they hid from KGB agents and feared for their lives, Lithuania’s basketball stars always shared a common goal – to utilize their athletic gifts to help free their country. The film features the original members of the 1992 basketball team as well as interviews with American sports figures Bill Walton, Bob Costas and Jim Lampley. DVD Bonus Features: Q&A with co-writer, producer and director Marius A. Markevicius & co-writer and producer Jon Weinbach and Audio Commentary with Markevicius & Weinbach.
The Men Who Built America
Meet the men who constructed the foundation of modern America and created the American Dream in The Men Who Built America. This epic History Channel series event traces the great stories of America's most influential builders and dreamers: Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller. Their collective feats transformed the United States into the world's greatest economic superpower and how they affected the lives of every person in the world. The Men Who Built America reveals how they each played a significant role in the shaping of this country. From Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Ford, the epic mini-series looks at how these individuals took a nation decaying from the Civil War into the greatest economic and technological country the world has ever seen. The Men Who Built America is the story of a nation at its crossroads and of the people who catapulted it to prosperity. DVD Bonus Features: "From Richer to Richer," "The American Dream" "Monopoly," "Competitive Nature," "The Every Man," "The Rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt" and "Traits of a Titan" featurettes.
Comedy Central/Paramount
Chris Hardwick: Mandroid
The first stand-up special for the man behind the Nerdist empire and host of AMC’s The Talking DeadMandroid, extended and uncensored with never-before-seen material. The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, celebrates all things nerdy in his first Comedy Central special. Hipsters beware: there is no irony in Chris’s affinity for Captain Picard, Comic-Con and the Atari 2600. Mandroid features candid comedy tales that cover virginity, chess club, shark vaginas, awkward childhood, awkward adulthood (which in this case is an extension of awkward childhood) and a myriad of other topics which may or may not include Quidditch. This extended and uncensored DVD is a wonderland of discovery, and if you take but on like lesson from it, let it be, “Don’t f**k animals." DVD Bonus Features: Hard ‘N Phirm Live: “Abraham Lincoln” and “El Corazon” and a Totally-hidden Easter egg.
George Lopez: The Road To It's Not Me, It's You
From the moment he hits the stage of L.A.'s famed Nokia Theatre for his record-breaking stand-up performance, George Lopez has the packed house right where he wants them - in hysterics. In this, his third HBO solo special, recorded Live from his hometown, the groundbreaking TV and hit movie star, Grammy-nominated artist, best-selling author and first Hispanic-American to host his own late night show proves why he's such a national treasure: From marriage and kids, to immigration and election year revelations, the legendary Lopez is uniquely insightful, daringly edgy and non-stop hilarious. The Road To It's Not Me, It's You was written by George Lopez and directed by Troy Miller. DVD Bonus Features: "George Lopez: The Road To It's Not Me, It's You" - A Behind-the-Scenes look leading up to the HBO comedy event.
Comedy Central/Paramount
Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula
Comedy Central Roast favorite Anthony Jeselnik returns to the network with his hilariously caustic style intact in his original one-hour stand-up special, Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula. As everyone’s favorite dark prince of comedy, Jeselnik obliterates subjects no one else jokes about and most people don’t even talk about. In front of a live audience at the legendary Vic Theatre in Chicago, Jeselnik doesn’t hold back, covering every taboo topic imaginable, and then some. (Comedy Central Records recently released the Anthony Jeselnick: Caligula uncensored and extended CD.) The Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula extended and uncensored DVD contains the DVD Bonus Features: Jeselnik’s uncut performances from the “Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump”; the “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen,” and the “Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne.”
Warner Bros
Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling, Season 2, Part 1
A lot can change in five years, as our super heroes are about to find out. Join your favorite crime fighters along with some new residents of Mount Justice, including team leader Nightwing, Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl. Young Justice will need all the help it can get as an alien presence has infiltrated Earth, while certain members of the Justice League are forced to stand trial at the criminal hearing off-world. All this, plus The Light continues to plot and scheme, now with the help of the elusive and powerful The Partner. So suit up for adventure with ten all-new episodes of intrigue, espionage and excitement. The invasion starts now! DVD Bonus Features: Three Bonus Cartoons
LeapFrog: Scout & Friends: Adventures In Shapeville Park + LeapFrog: Scout & Friends: The Magificent Museum Of Opposite Words
Join everybody's favorite LeapFrog character and puppy pal, Scout, and his friends for two all-new learning adventures with LeapFrog: The Magnificent Museum of Opposite Words and LeapFrog: Adventures in Shapeville Park. These two new LeapFrog Scout & Friends releases introduce children to shapes and measurement as well as opposites, synonyms and word building. LeapFrog: Scout & Friends: The Magificent Museum Of Opposite Words: Learn new words at a fun and interactive museum full of opposites! Join Scout & Friends as they use their vocabulary word building skills in an adventure that explores loud/quiet, fast/slow and more! The new Museum of Opposite Words is opening and the pets, enjoying a new wordplay game, are eager to learn about words and their opposites. But when they arrive and see the Beaver Brothers need help finishing the exhibits, the
friends put their word skills to work and unlock the exhibit clues just in time for the opening gala. LeapFrog: Scout & Friends: Adventures In Shapeville Park: Help construct your child's math skills as Scout & Friends build a playground with shapes. Scout & Friends head over to Shapeville Park in this delightful skill-building adventure that shows what a circle, square and triangle can really do. A new playground is being built at the park by the Beaver Brothers and soon the pets have their hands full helping with the construction. The pets learn how to measure out all the various shapes, sizes and dimensions needed to build the perfect parts of a perfect playground. DVD Bonus Features: Four Sing-a-longs; Curriculum Commentary for parents; "Being a Puppy (The Scout Song)"; "A Surprise for Scout" video and "Sing with Us! The Band."
Power Rangers Samurai: A Team Divided Volume 3 + Power Rangers Super Samurai: Rise of the BullZooka Volume 3
Saban's Power Rangers face their greatest challenge yet in Power Rangers Samurai: A Team Divided Volume 3. Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mia and Mike face their toughest challenges yet when the Power Rangers Samurai start turning against each other. Mind control, disobeyed orders and runaway Power Rangers shatter the team, giving Master Xandred and a new horde of nasty Nighlok Monsters the upper hand. But when Master Ji reveals that the Red Ranger possesses a secret power that is capable of banishing Master Xandred forever, it will take total teamwork to defeat the forces of the Netherworld in four epic adventures. Power Rangers combines action-filled story lines with humor and heart while promoting strong values including teamwork, friendship, honor, fitness and loyalty. DVD Bonus Features: Cast Interviews; "Power Rangers Dubstep" and Character Gallery. In Power Rangers Super Samurai: Rise of the BullZooka Volume 3, watch as the Super Samurai face off
against Serrator's army. Join the Power Rangers as they go head-to-head against menacing Nighlok monsters, while also harnessing the mighty new BullZooka weapon in these four Super Samurai adventures bursting with supercharged action. When evil Lord Serrator unveils his mysterious master plan to enslave Earth, Jaden, Kevin, Mia, Emily, Mike and Antonio must focus on the power of Ranger teamwork in order to triumph against Serrator's Mooger and Spitfang army. Whether it's battling against a duplicating Nighlok, Kevin and Mike getting stuck together with a sticky glue glob or overcoming an intense hunger toxin, the Samurai will leave you wanting more. DVD Bonus Features: "Behind-the-Scenes of Power Rangers Super Samurai"; "Power Rangers MEGA Flash Mob" and "Weapons Gallery."
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