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article imageVideo: Protest outside Abu Qatada’s house

By Richard Milnes     Jan 27, 2013 in World
Stanmore - Another flash demonstration was held outside the house of known terrorist threat Abu Qatada, who is being housed at the expense of British taxpayers in Stanmore, North London.
British pensioners left to suffer as foreign terrorist takes money
The case of Abu Qatada has become symbolic of the sick state of Britain and its weak, spineless, politically correct government.
Despite being described as ‘Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe’, he has been treated like a welcome guest in the UK.
Many ordinary British people are very angry at his treatment when they have had to endure austerity cuts. Hospitals are scheduled for closure and many pensioners have been left to survive on pitiful state pensions. Many cannot even afford to heat their houses during the winter.
In contrast Abu Qatada has been housed at the expense of British taxpayers in a £450,000 house. It is located in the leafy and relatively affluent area.
How much do taxpayers give to Abu Qatada?
A recent article in The Sun lists the cost so far to the British taxpayer:
Legal Aid £582,000
Keeping him in jail £850,000
Security since being freed £1.1m
Govt legal bill to try and deport him £825,000
Housing and benefits £250,000
Total to end of 2012 = £3.607m
In addition it predicts that for 2013 the British taxpayer will be forking out:
Legal Aid £400,000
Security £5m
Govt legal bill to try and deport him £600,000
Housing and benefits £825,000
Total predicted for 2013 = £6.825m
Grant Total forecast to end of 2013 = £10.432m
Protest outside house
On Saturday, 26 January protesters from various pro-English groups; South East Alliance (SEA), Casuals and March for England (MFE) descended upon Abu Qatada’s house to let the foreign terrorist know that he is not welcome in the country.
A video of the flash demo shows protesters shouting “Terrorist scum off our streets!” and “Abu Qatada off our streets!”
One man shouts “If I killed people like you did, I’d be serving time right now, so why aren’t you?”
They sang, “With St George in my heart, keep me English!”
Upcoming protest
Another organisation, ‘Britain First’ is planning a demonstration this coming Saturday, 2 February, which it describes as a "full scale mobilisation of all our activists”. They vow to "NEVER stop this campaign UNTIL Qatada has been booted out of Britain.” They go on to say, “We intend to make his life a misery!”
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