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Video: Naked man climbs on SEPTA bus, attacks cameraman

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 26, 2013 in Odd News
Philadelphia - The video shows a naked man running into the middle of traffic in Philadelphia and climbing onto the front of a SEPTA bus. He stands on the bike rack, puts his boxers on his head, and peers into front of the bus. Then he wags his penis at passengers.
According the CBS Philadelphia, the minute-long video was shot on November 13th at around 2:30 p.m., but posted to YouTube for the first time on Tuesday.
Warning: Graphic content
According to NBC Philadelphia, the scene was captured on cellphone by Lou Luciano who works at a Barber shop, Elvin's Major League, at the intersection on Kensington Avenue and Tioga Street.
Luciano told CBS Philadelphia: "I was just cutting hair, all of a sudden I see this white boy just running around acting crazy."
He described the incident to NBC Philadelphia: "So [the naked man] jumps on the SEPTA bus and he's going all crazy like a gorilla. So then he starts chasing me—of course I start running because I'm not gonna be chased by no crazy man."
What happened is, after the man jumped down from the bus, Luciano went out into traffic for a close-up shot. The crazy man objected to the camera man's attention and started chasing him. And because Luciano "don't wanna be chased by no crazy man," he cried in fright and took to his heels like a deer. The naked man in the erratic manner of a "crazy man" suddenly stopped chasing Luciano and walked away casually.
CBS Philadelphia reports that another version of the video shot by Jose Mora, shows the "crazy man" chasing after Lou Luciano.
Luciano said: “Of course I put my camera down and started running myself."
After the man stopped chasing Luciano, he jumped into the back of a pick-up truck, then jumped out and sprinted some more.
Mora told CBS Philadelphia: “I don’t think he knew what he was doing actually."
When a reporter asked Luciano why he went into the traffic to film the naked man bare-footed, he couldn't believe anyone would ask such a question. He exclaimed: "Whaaaaaaat, you think I'm gonna miss that?"
Luciano's philosophical insight on the incident: "Just put reality on the corner on the opposite side of craziness."
Police said they took the man into custody but gave no information about his identity or whether he was charged
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