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article imageAmazon toy page garners dozens of anti-Obama drone 'reviews'

By Andrew Moran     Jan 25, 2013 in Politics
Washington - Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft has garnered the attention of those who are opposed to President Barack Obama's drone strikes against innocent civilians in the Middle East.
Although he won the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama’s foreign policy has been rather militant. Since entering office, the president’s authorization of hundreds of drone strikes in nations such as Pakistan and Yemen has led to the deaths of thousands of people, including innocent women and children, which is six times more than his predecessor, President George W. Bush.
The situation has become so severe that the United Nations announced in October that it has decided to launch an investigation in Geneva to examine the legality of such drone strikes in which civilians are killed in apparent counter-terrorism operations.
Well, the drone strikes are not sitting well with many Americans, including libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, liberals and some Republicans. Many have headed on over to Amazon’s page for the Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft toy, where dozens of individuals have published “reviews” of the product.
Most of the comments are quite critical of the president’s drone strikes and have been written over the past week. Much of the “reviews” include sarcastic comments about the president’s secret kill list, government-sanctioned murder and assassinating American citizens.
The toy has received 61 five-star ratings and 48 one-star ratings.
“This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I'm a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!,” wrote Raini Pachak in a review. “It's like I'm sitting right there in the White House with my very own kill list!”
“I thought this would come with "baseball cards" of American civilians living in other countries that I could target for termination, I had to satisfy myself by destroying everything in my house and giving up on everything I ever believed in, liberty, freedom, and due process!,” wrote Sandinista death squad.
“!!Wow!! You get to feel the thrill of being Commander-in-Chief Obama while bug-splatting little children around the world. I bet the President got a fleet for his own children for Xmas -- what great family fun! You can use the President's kill list or make your own!,” said Awdio Kreep. “This toy is obviously endorsed by the Department of Defense and the defense industry. A Nobel Prize candidate for "Best Peace-Promoting Toy’.”
At the time of this writing, the product is currently unavailable and the price is not listed.
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