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article imageVideo: A look at the elderly video game players

By Can Tran     Jan 21, 2013 in World
While the general demographic of video gamers are generally from children to young adults, the elderly are a demographic that is often overlooked. BBC News, in a segment, follows one such gamer.
Before you had events such as the “Spike TV Video Game Awards,” the culture of video games was still an underground culture in most of the world. Since then, video games have been made part of mainstream global culture. While gaming was still an underground culture, the age of the average gamer would be the age of an elementary school kid to a young adult. Also, the demographic was mostly male. Today, you see growing demographics of gamers. However, one should think about the gamers that do not fit the usual age demographic of those that play video games.
While not often as covered in the media, there are those in their golden ages that do enjoy video games; but, not your games such as “Galaga,” “Pac-Man,” and so forth. They are playing games such as “Resident Evil 6,” “Street Fighter IV,” “Marvel vs. Capcom 3,” and so forth. In the case of a segment covered on BBC News follows an almost 86-year-old woman named Hilda Knott who has been playing games for about 40 years. The game she is currently playing is Rockstar Games' “Grand Theft Auto IV.” She plays on a giant 65” screen to help with her vision. According to Knott, playing such games keeps her mentally active.
Despite her age, Knott is familiar with the various current titles, popular gaming genres, and so forth. She feels that playing games definitely helps keep her active. Asides from playing GTA IV, she plays other types of games such as role-playing games.
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