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article imageVinexpo 2013 Global Wine Forecast Special

By Paige Donner     Jan 20, 2013 in Lifestyle
Bordeaux - Vinexpo Bordeaux 2013 is scheduled to take place June 16 – 20. China is now third-largest red wine consuming country, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.
At a press conference held in NYC last week (January 17th), Vinexpo Chairman Xavier de Eizaguirre and Chief Executive Robert Beynat released the latest findings on global wine consumption from the International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR). The IWSR study has a remarkably accurate track record and is a study that Vinexpo commissions every two years leading up to the hallmark Bordeaux wine event.
Vinexpo Bordeaux 2013 expects to welcome over 48,000 registered trade-professional attendees from around the world – importers, distributors, producers, beverage buyers, retailers, sommeliers and members of the press. It was first launched by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1981. The Vinexpo-commissioned IWSR study covers 114 wine and spirits markets and 28 producer countries.
• In 2011 the U.S. became the world’s leading wine-consuming nation in volume and value. From 2010 to 2011 U.S. wine consumption jumped 4.5%, a record-growth.
• China has now surpassed the U.S. as the third-largest red wine consuming country.
• Sparkling wine consumption is growing twice as fast as that of still wines. From 2007-2011 U.S. consumption was up 17.69%; Predictions are 25.26% for the period 2012 – 2016.
- Source
Question and Answer Interview with Vinexpo Chairman Xavier de Eizaguirre
Question: Will you please comment on a couple of the forecasted trends for global wine and spirits consumption?
Answer: It’s a pretty rosy picture considering that the whole world is going through a crisis. The consumption side of the market is growing very rapidly and is predicted to continue to do so in the next five years in terms of $$ value. It’s a $170 billion market, about the same size as the cosmetics industry. (*Estimates are $198.42 billion U.S. dollars by 2014 for global consumer wine market.)
A key point revealed by this newest study is that the U.S. is the world’s #1 wine consuming market, and #4 as a wine producer. That’s remarkable considering that just 30-35 years ago it was just a beginner.
Keep your eye on China. It’s developing very rapidly and is now #5 in terms of wine consumption.
I’d also say that Russia is a “Sleeping Giant.” The country’s numbers are growing rapidly both for production and consumption. It’s already in the Top Ten Club, and that could improve rapidly, to Top 6 or even Top 5. There’s already a lot of foreign investment in Russia and its wine production industry tends to get overshadowed. But Russia has more of a Western cultural tradition in terms of cuisine, food and wine pairings and it’s growing. This positions it solidly compared to a country like China where wine consumption could – possibly - just be a passing trend.
Q. What’s new and innovative for Vinexpo 2013?
A. Well, not so much an innovation, but rather an evolution of previous years… We are expanding and adding to the conferences and tasting events. We have reached full capacity of the three enormous halls that we use for Bordeaux’s Vinexpo and we’ve allocated large spaces in the different halls so tastings can be successfully carried out, as well as conferences.
Q. Any further developments in the global wine trade that are expected to set Vinexpo 2013 apart from prior years?
A. A significant increase in Asian participation. We also do an Asian edition of Vinexpo – last year it was held in Hong Kong. Consequently we are seeing a trend for 2013 of many more Asian – China, Hong Kong, Japan – registrants, trade professionals and key buyers.
More From IWSR 2013
France still leads the world for the value of its wine exports.
Having sold US$9.902 billion worth of its wine overseas in 2011 (5.24% more than in 2007), France consolidated its world position as the leading exporter of wine in value terms.
Italy and Spain came second and third, but the value of their sales grew less than the volumes they exported: revenue was up 24.31% compared to an increase in volumes of 47.62%, a clear sign that the average prices of their exported wines fell significantly.
- Source
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