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article imageTopFinds: Obama's gun-control proposals, 42 new exoplanets found

By David Silverberg     Jan 19, 2013 in Internet
President Obama signs 23 executive orders and offers proposals to curb gun violence in the U.S. North Korea could face charges of crimes against humanity. How did researchers find 42 new exoplanets? These are the top stories on Digital Journal.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on crime news,cool science finds, Golden Globes updates and much more.
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Top Digital Journal Reports

Annual 'No Pants Subway Ride' in Sydney (Includes first-hand account) by Richard Milnes
The annual no pants subway ride took place in Sydney today. Those taking part boarded the train at Central Station on platform 16 at 12:43 p.m. and caught the train to North Sydney before disembarking and travelling back to Central Station.
The 2013 World No Pants Subway Ride in Sydney. Picture taken on the platform at North Sydney train s...
The 2013 World No Pants Subway Ride in Sydney. Picture taken on the platform at North Sydney train station.
Younger generations of Japanese are speaking out against whaling (Includes interview) by Elizabeth Batt
Recently, a newly formed Japanese grassroots group marched in protest against its country's whaling policies. It was the first open resistance from within Japan itself. Digital Journal spoke with Action for Marine Mammals' (AMM) leader, Satoshi Komiyama.
Anna Silk and her co-stars talk ‘Lost Girl’ Season 3 (Includes interview) by Anca Dumitru
After Canada and Australia, it’s now Americans’ turn to enjoy the season three premiere of the Canadian supernatural TV hit series ‘Lost Girl.’ US can catch up tonight at 10 on Syfy with the new journey of Bo, the tough and sexy succubus.
Anna Silk as Bo in  Lost Girl
Anna Silk as Bo in 'Lost Girl'
Singing at Tim Hortons puts some old friends in the spotlight (Includes interview) by Elizabeth Parker
A video posted on You tube by Danfi Parker is "going viral" according to Rod Shepherd of the Oakville Chapter of The Entertainers leaving he and his friends "blown away" by the interest.
NASA adds inflatable 'sewing room' to ISS from Bigelow Aerospace (Includes interview) by Nancy Houser
NASA has awarded Bigelow Aerospace $17.8 million to attach an inflatable "sewing room" module to the International Space Station, according to a recent NASA press release, for future exploration and commercial space endeavors.

Top Images

The 120-meter-long Main Hall of Sanjusangen-do Buddhist Temple  Kyoto  Japan.
The 120-meter-long Main Hall of Sanjusangen-do Buddhist Temple, Kyoto, Japan.
Cycle Critters  made from recycled bike parts. By Mike Schram of Toronto
Cycle Critters, made from recycled bike parts. By Mike Schram of Toronto
Cheryl Jean and Dexer Ico
Tiger blowfish fare at Yamafuku Restaurant  Kyoto  Japan.
Tiger blowfish fare at Yamafuku Restaurant, Kyoto, Japan.
Looking through the rainy window of a ferry sailing past Hydarpasha Train Station in Istanbul
Looking through the rainy window of a ferry sailing past Hydarpasha Train Station in Istanbul

In the Media

Op-Ed: Head of Algerian attack veteran of jihadist war in Afghanistan by Ken Hanly
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the mastermind of the attack on the gas plant in Algeria, is a veteran jihadist who fought in Afghanistan back in the early nineteen nineties. He lost sight in one eye in an explosives incident.
Obama calls for assault weapons ban, universal background checks by David Silverberg
U.S. President Obama asked Congress on Wednesday to toughen America’s gun laws with sweeping proposals such as requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales, limits on high-capacity magazines and a ban on military-style assault weapons.
Video: Alex Jones interviewed by Cenk Uygur by Katerina Nikolas
Alex Jones of Info Wars and Prison Planet, and documentary film maker, came into the mainstream spotlight when his petition to deport Piers Morgan brought him onto the lame Morgan CNN show. Now the Young Turks airs an interview with Alex Jones.
Five Toronto transit employees charged in phony ticket scam by Arthur Weinreb
The five enforcement officers with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) face obstruction of justice and fabricate evidence charges for allegedly writing phony tickets to homeless people. The five were fired along with three other enforcement officers.
Google Maps Street View: Did they kill a donkey in Botswana? by Anne Sewell
A Google Maps Street View image is doing the rounds on the Internet, as it appears that the vehicle used by Google may have literally hit a donkey and run.
Steamy encounter at Safer Sex ball hits the Internet by Eric Morales
Two students and their steamy sexual encounter, captured during a Safer Sex ball at Exeter University, has hit the Web, launching an internal investigation.
Jodie Foster comes out as a lesbian at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Jodie Foster comes out as a lesbian at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards
YouTube / Screen capture
Jodie Foster comes out as a lesbian....again by Greta McClain
Although many in the media are calling Jodie Foster's speech at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards her "coming out" speech, the announcement was "old news" for many.
North Korea may soon be facing charges of crimes against humanity by Nancy Houser
A United Nations human rights official, Navi Pillay, is requesting an international investigation into crimes against humanity in North Korea. This includes torture, political executions, rape and slave labor.
Dalton Dingus, 9, dies after 700,000 Christmas cards record by JohnThomas Didymus
Thousands world over mourn as close family members announce the passing away of Dalton Dingus, the Kentucky boy who set a world record for the most Christmas cards.
Amateur planet hunters find evidence of 42 new exoplanets by JohnThomas Didymus
A team of amateur astronomers have discovered evidence for 42 new exoplanets or alien planets. One of the planets is a Jupiter-size world that is potentially habitable. They made the discovery while sifting through data from a NASA spacecraft.
State suspends James Yeager's gun permit after threats to kill by JohnThomas Didymus
The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has suspended the handgun carry permit of James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, whose threat to "start killing people" in defense of his Second Amendment rights went viral online.
Lady Gaga tries to end feud with Kelly Osbourne, but gets rebuked by Marcus Hondro
Lady Gaga has attempted to stop a simmering dispute between herself and Kelly Osbourne with an open letter to the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne. The letter comes after a volley fired at Gaga and her fans by Osbourne and appears to seek friendship.
Lady Gaga tweeted her congratulations to U.K. six-time Grammy winner  Adele.
Lady Gaga tweeted her congratulations to U.K. six-time Grammy winner, Adele.
Photo by Domain Barnyard
New 'Zombie Planet' images shock scientists by Greta McClain
New images from the Hubble Space Telescope have captured a surprising development in the "zombie planet" orbiting the Fomalhaut star.
Delaware mother arrested for having sex with her dog by Eric Morales
An animal abuse complaint leads Delaware State Police to find photographs of the 24-year-old, Milford woman engaged in sexual intercourse with her canine.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Conan again by Tim Sandle
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