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article imageVideo: Syrian Army tank fires near cameraman in Darayya

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 17, 2013 in World
Darayya - This video illustrates the dangers journalists covering events in war zones face. It shows a cameraman hiding in a room in an upper floor while fighting goes on in the street below, with tanks firing at close range in the direction of the cameraman.
The video uploaded to LiveLeak by Sircliffe, shows Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tanks apparently attempting to flush out Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters hiding in the buildings. The action, according to LiveLeak, was filmed in Darayya, Rif-Dimashq Governorate in Syria.
Watch as the tanks maneuver in a rather vulnerable position in an alley, while firing at the buildings around them. A LiveLeak user points out: "The irony of the video is... those tanks were probably more vulnerable in that situation than the actual cameraman."
A second viewer observes: "True. I don't know much about military doctrine but I know if the rag head had an RPG instead of a camera those tanks would have been smoked."
Another viewer answers: "Only if he hit a critical point. Those tanks have some armor and the rpg has very little armor penetration."
Regardless, the courage of the cameraman is remarkable. He is apparently an FSA fighter. It appears that the house is being fired at from two directions, because at the beginning of the video, he moves from one position in which he filmed a tank preparing to fire to another. The tank directly opposite his window fires twice in his direction. He hardly flinches as the tank fires. He only lowers the window frame to allow the smoke clear.
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