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article imageVideo: 'EscapeVektor' game play & introduction trailer

By Can Tran     Jan 17, 2013 in Entertainment
Publisher and developer Nnooo has released a storyline and demonstration trailer for the upcoming Playstation Vita (PSV) port of its game "EscapeVektor."
The game develop and publisher known as Nnooo has released a trailer for its upcoming puzzle platformer game for Nintendo and Sony called “EscapeVektor.” From what the trailer shows, it seems to be the result of merging “Pac-Man” with “Tron,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “The Matrix,” “Johnny Mnemonic,” and so forth. But, minus all the action and violence. The essence of these movies somewhat exist with EscapeVektor as it has something to do with electronics.
With the video game industry being dragged into the gun violence debate, especially after National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO and vice-president Wayne LaPierre blamed video games for creating a culture that led to Sandy Hook, EscapeVektor is one of those games that provides a solid example that not all video games are violent.
Screengrab of  EscapeVektor  Trailer
Screengrab of 'EscapeVektor' Trailer
From what the trailer shows, EscapeVektor looks simplistic; but, simple does not mean easy. It comes off as a very high-tech version of Pac-Man; but, you're not out to eat those tablets on screen. You do have your enemies in the form of special patrols. In this game, you're communicating with an entity called “Vektor” who's trapped in your system.
Your goal is to help Vektor escape the clutches of your system's CPU. You're guiding the entity through “circuits” to access certain nodes to escape. Instead of swallowing capsules, you're bordering all the cells. Once you do that, you access a new route to take. While it can be tedious and painstaking to avoid the patrols, there are traps you can lure them into.
This is an example of a simplistic looking game; but, this is a game that requires players to employ critical thinking. If you want to play a challenging game, then EscapeVektor might be the game title to get. EscapeVektor will be available on January 22 for the Playstation Vita.
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