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article imageAllen West will host Internet show instead of running in 2014

By Can Tran     Jan 16, 2013 in Politics
Instead of running for public office, former GOP Rep. Allen West of Florida is taking it to cyberspace with his new online talk series called "Next Generation."
Allen West, one of the Tea Party Republicans that got voted into the US House of Representatives, was narrowly defeated in the 2012 US Election cycle by Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. Even after Election Night, the contest was still going on as West refused to concede and called forth recounts.
Eventually, West conceded to Murphy. While the Republicans managed to retain control of the House of Representatives, they lost seats in the House. West getting voted out of office can be seen as a blow to the Tea Party Movement as a consequence. One also has to look at the US Senate race losses suffered by Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana who are also Tea Party aligned Republicans.
While 2012 is over, there are the 2014 US Elections to think about. There are Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races to think about. However, West has no plans to run for public office let alone run for the US House of Representatives. That means West won't be running for office in the 2014 elections when the campaign cycle starts up. Does that mean West is leaving politics behind? No, West still plans on being active in politics. Like many former politicians, especially the more recent ones, West will be a news contributor.
West will be the host for a conservative online web show called “Next Generation.” According to West, via an introductory video, it will show the challenges that young Americans are going to face. Working with West as hosts will be John Phillips and Michelle Fields with the former being a reporter with the Daily Caller.
Washington Post, in an online blog, reports that West got the inspiration for such a show after taking his two daughters to the BCS Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. He talked about how much it costs to attend such a game and how it will be more expensive for future generations of Americans to be able to attend such a game. In the case of ticket prices and so forth, there's always TV, radio, and live streaming feeds to compensate for the lack of physically being at the game.
Politico reports that the set date for the show's first broadcast will be on February 4. To get access to these episodes, one has to be a member of the website Next Generation. However, you can watch free select programming from the website.
While West will be the host of the show, he'll also serve as the director of the site's programming.
You have the following packages: $5 a month/$40 a year for entry membership, 10$ a month/$100 a year for basic membership, or $30 a month/$170 a year for premium membership.
Entry level membership gets you the following: “Next Generation Today with Allen West,” “Next Generation Talk with John Phillips,” and “Next Generation Community.”
Basic membership adds: Next Generation forums and Next Generation conferences.
Premium membership adds the Next Generation Learning Center.
You can register with the website for free. By registering, you get free weekly newsletters from Allen West.
With this, West says that losing the race to Murphy isn't the end. He says that true leaders need conviction and not a title.
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